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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 273

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Chapter 273

The two ladies froze on the spot.

“Where’s Raven?” Maisie stared at them with a cold gaze.

One of the girls answered cautiously, “Earlier today… We saw that Wynona and her mates took Raven
away, but we don’t know where they’ve taken her.”

‘It’s Wynona again!’

Maisie’s eyes became even colder.

Wynona was in the dormitory with two of her friends. They treated the bullying of Raven as a joke and
talked about it with gusto.

The dormitory door was kicked open abruptly, and the people inside were terrified.

Wynona saw Maisie walking in and stood up. “Hey, where are your basic courtes—” The three girls
sitting on the bed were astonished. Wynona, who was slapped, covered her cheeks and glanced at
Maisie in disbelief. “You… How dare you slap me!?” Maisie slapped her to the floor. “Where is Raven?”

Seeing that she had come for Raven, Wynona, who just got slapped twice, stood up from the floor.
“You’ve just beaten me, and you still want to ask for her whereabouts. I warn you, I’m not someone that
you should trifle with!”

Wynona stepped forward, wanting to fight back

Maisie cut off her slap without even blinking and backhanded her to the floor.

Wynona’s cheeks were swollen, and tears were welling in her eyes as she pointed at Maisie.“ How
dare you…”

Maisie walked to the table and picked up the steel fork

The three ladies who were sitting on the bed got up and stepped aside one after another, but Maisie
only gave them a glare, walked up to Wynona, pulled her up by the hem of her collar, pressed her
against the bed frame, and held the fork against her neck, almost stabbing it into the area where her
carotid artery was. Maisie looked indifferent but glared at her with a hint of coldness and ruthlessness.
“It’s funt o prank on other people, isn’t it?” “Maisie… Maisie Vanderbilt, if you dare to—” Maisie turned
her head to look at the person who just spoke and scoffed coldly. “Whether I have the guts or not
depends on whether you’re willing to give it a try. Anyway, I, Maisie Vanderbilt, have never been afraid
of anything. It just so happens that I’m in a bad mood today, and you’ve managed to provoke me. So
it’s only natural for me to turn you into punching bags.

“Anyway, you’re the ones who forced me into doing so. But don’t worry, I’ll come at all of you one by
one, and I’ll start with you.” She clutched Wynona’s hand and pressed it firmly on the bed, spun the
steel fork in her hand, and stabbed it down with extreme precision and speed. “Aaaah!” Wynona cried
out hoarsely. The three girls on the side closed their eyes in fright for fear of witnessing the bloody

Unexpectedly, Wynona did not feel any pain. She then saw that the steel fork was stabbed into the
mattress that was between her ring finger and middle finger. Her finger would have been a s good as
gone if there was a slight deviation.

Wynona’s body trembled, and blood was gradually drained from her cheeks. “Oh, so you finally
understand the feeling of fear. Now, this is just a lesson. I won’t give you another chance if there is
another offense.”

The moment Maisie let go of her hand and stood up straight, Wynona slumped on the floor as i f every
single ounce of energy had been depleted. Maisie came to the public women’s restroom, and sure
enough, she heard Raven slamming on one of the doors feebly. Maisie walked up to the door and
removed the broom from the door. Raven fell out from the inside of the toilet compartment. Maisie
supported her. “Raven, I’m sorry, I’m late.”

After seeing Maisie, Raven cried out in grievance. Maisie saw that her clothes were still wet, so she
quickly brought her out of the restroom. Back in their room, Raven changed into a set of clean clothes
and sat on the bed, wrapping herself in a blanket.

She had been splashed with water and had been locked in the toilet in her wet clothes for several
hours, so she suffered from starvation and the chill. She was still shivering.

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