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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 277

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Chapter 277

‘Leave? A week left?’

Francisco was astonished. “You’re leaving so soon?” “Yes, I’m only here for half a month, and I’ll leave
when I get the results of the assessment in a week,” Maisie replied calmly. She had never planned to
interact with too many people in the training camp. She could go back home as long as she completed
the task given. Francisco was a little disappointed as his little goddess was about to leave.

But what to do? All he could do was to watch reluctantly as she left.

“Mr. Boucher, there’s no need to waste your thoughts on me.” Francisco, whose mind had been seen
through, was a little embarrassed, but he then said seriously, “How can you consider it as a waste? I’m
doing so willingly.” “Then I’ll just give it to you straight, I’m… I’m married with three children, so you
really don’t have to waste any more time and energy on me.”

Francisco was stunned, and it took him a moment to return to his senses and react. “Y-You’re kidding,
right? Even if you don’t want to accept me, there’s no need for you to make up such a story.”

“I’m not lying to you, and I don’t need to lie to you. If you don’t believe me, you can go and check it out
for yourself. Given the Bouchers’ power and status, it won’t be difficult for you to look into someone
else’s life, right?” Maisie said indifferently.

Francisco pursed his lips tightly. He still could not believe that his little goddess was already married
and had children…

His heart was on the verge of shattering into millions of pieces.

Maisie raised her hand and patted him on the shoulder. “Kiddo, thank you for sending me breakfast.
This favor will be repaid in time.”

Maisie turned around and left after saying that.

Francisco stayed frozen on the spot and did not react to anything around him. ‘How could this happen?
How’s my little goddess married already? And who’s the f*cker who managed to ask for her hand? That
sh*tsack has actually always been one step ahead of me!’ “Francisco.” Wynona, who had been hiding
in the shadows and heard what Maisie said to Francisco, walked up to him triumphantly and said, “You
heard that yourself. That woman is already married and has children, and yet she still tried to seduce
you. You should be able to see the true colors of this indiscreet and promiscuous woman now,
shouldn’t you? “Francisco, talk to me!” Wynona shook his arm, but Francisco flung her hands and left

without even looking at her. Wynona was so enraged that she trembled from head to toe.

“Just what kind of hallucinogen did Maisie give him? D*mn it! I swear on my name that I’ll definitely
teach her a lesson. ‘Isn’t she going to be assessed in a week? Then I’ll make sure that she f*cks up in
the assessment! Two days later… “Isn’t Maisie the newcomer? She actually has the guts to sign up for
the assessment after only joining us for one week? Isn’t she a little too overly courageous?” “What do
you mean by courageous? She’s clearly going beyond her depth. One usually registers for the
freshmen’s assessment three months into joining us, and she’s taking part in the assessment after only
one week of training. If that’s not someone taking the path to her own demise, then what is?

The training camp’s program would last for three months. Newcomers could apply for the assessment
after three months of entering the training camp. They could then become official members after
passing the assessment.

The top management would then select a few candidates from the top-notch newcomers and arrange
for them to head to Stoslo’s headquarters’ training camp, where the candidates would undergo hell-like
training programs. The candidates would either become someone prestigious and of prominent
statuses like Chief Lawson or some ordinary bodyguards and be unknown for the rest of their lives.

Raven accompanied Maisie to the assessment site. Most of the members at the site were members
who had come to participate in the assessment, and some had come to witness the assessment.

Today’s assessment was a physical test, and it was also a trial in the arena. Those participating in the
assessment were basically members who had trained for more than a year and had mastered the most
basic fighting skills. Maisie had only been here for a week, and she was going to go against a veteran
member who had more than one year of experience. ‘Isn’t she out of her own league?’

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