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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 283

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Chapter 283

Rowena’s expression changed slightly.

‘This woman’s mouth is really filthy. I would naturally feel very proud when she said so in front of
others, but saying this in front of Maisie will only humiliate me further.’

Wynona did not notice the change in Rowena’s expression and continued to glare at Maisie fiercely.
“Let me warn you, Mr. Goldmann is currently in the training camp, so no matter how bad*ss you are, if
you dare to make a move on me now, 1—” Another slap stunned Wynona completely. ‘How dare she!’

A smile appeared on Maisie’s lips. “Are you threatening me? Do you want Ms. Summers to get Mr.
Goldmann here to back you up? But let me make it clear to you now, once and for all. I’d still slap you
even if Mr. Goldmann were standing here now. Do you want to try it out?”

“You… You…” Wynona wanted to say something, but it felt like someone was shoving the words back
down her throat.

‘Why does Maisie have the guts to act so presumptuously? Whose support does she have?’

“You won’t get beaten at all if you actually know when to not speak like what you’re doing now.” Maisie

She then turned to Rowena. “Ms. Summers, do you think so too?”

The murderous coldness was suppressed at the bottom of Rowena’s eyes and did not overflow. She
only gave off a faint smile. “Ms. Vanderbilt, you’re a smart woman, but we’re currently in a training
camp, so you should obey the rules too.”

Maisie also understood what she meant by that. She was asking her to behave herself in the training
camp and not bring up Nolan. Maisie snorted. “Abiding by the rules is always the right thing to do, but it
depends on who’s gone too far and pushed her luck too. I would never offend anyone if they didn’t
come at me first. However, I’ll never stay down and do nothing if someone has chosen to offend me in
the first place.”

Maisie took a glance at both of them, turned around, and left the scene.

Rowena stared at Maisie’s back, her gaze looking cold and terrifying.

As soon as Maisie arrived at her room, she found a large blue enchantress bouquet and some valuable
supplements lying on her bed.

Raven appeared out of nowhere and came to Maisie’s side with a smile when she was still in a trance.
“How is this? Are you shocked?”

Maisie frowned slightly.

‘It’s not Nolan’s style to send me flowers and healthcare products.’

As such, she asked, “Who sent me these?”

“Who else could it be? It’s, of course, Mr. Boucher.” Raven smiled and added, “Mr. Boucher heard that
you’ve injured your arm in the ring and was worried about you, so he asked me to bring you these

Maisie took a deep breath as she felt a little helpless. “Return these, I can’t accept any of them.

They’re all too valuable.”

‘I’ve done nothing to deserve all these gifts, and I don’t plan to have anything to do with Francisco in
the future.’ Seeing that Maisie did not want these, Raven looked puzzled. “But Maisie, these are all
chosen and prepared meticulously by Mr. Boucher, don’t you like them?” Maisie wanted to say
something, but she thought of shattering Francisco’s determination and said, “Yes, I don’t like them. So
please return them.”

“Ah, alright then.” Raven felt that it was a pity, but she could only bring the gifts back to Francisco.

In the afternoon, in the Goldmann family estate… Titus was playing chess with his son in the pavilion
located in the courtyard. Rowena and Hans walked in from the outside. Hans was here to report
Maisie’s assessment results to Titus.

The old man was a little surprised after hearing this. “This woman seems to be quite skillful, huh?”

Sitting across from him, Mr. Goldmann Sr. said with confidence, “My son and I both share the same
vision. There’s no way that it’d be bad.”

He was extremely satisfied that Maisie was his daughter-in-law as she suited the title more than
anyone else. Apart from the fact that she had given birth and raised three children for the Goldmanns,
her talents and abilities also made her the most competent candidate.

Hence, even if his father was not satisfied with Maisie, neither he nor his son would change their
opinion about her.

Rowena pursed her lips tightly as her eyes dimmed. “Grandpa, I think that even if Ms. Vanderbilt has
won this match, she used a ring as a weapon in a bare-handed fight. This alone i s very unfair to the

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