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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 289

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Chapter 289

Since Erwin had taught her self-defense, he probably taught her something else too? Maisie’s heart
was thumping even though she looked calm upon seeing him staring at her. She still smiled and
answered. “Uncle Erwin saw how tough it was for me to take care of the kids b y myself, so he taught
me how to defend myself. That’s not too much, is it?” Nolan smiled. “Of course not.”

Even if his pretty little wife wouldn’t tell him, he would still find out one day.

After Maisie finished her meal and left the private room, Wynona, who was hiding nearby, was waiting
to see which officer she was spending time with.

Her expression changed when she saw Hans escorting Nolan out. The man in the room was Mr.

Hah! That was why she had rejected Francisco. She had her eyes on a more outstanding man!

She couldn’t blame her for that!

Raven was scrolling on her phone in her bed. She quickly hid her phone when she heard someone
entering and saw Maisie who was at the door.

When their eyes met, she looked away and smiled. “You’re back.”

“Yes, I’m sorry for leaving you.”

Maisie wanted to eat with Raven but had to leave her downstairs. She didn’t really have a choice since
no one at the camp knew about her relationship with Nolan.

Raven shook her head. “It’s alright.” She paused, then asked, “Maisie, do you know Mr. Goldmann?”

Maisie stopped taking off her jacket and looked at her. “Why do you ask?”

Raven smiled and waved her hand, “I heard Chief Lawson asking to see you, and that day, Cherie_”

“Rye, there are certain things that I cannot tell you, and I have my reasons for that. I hope you won’t
dive too much into it.” Maisie looked helpless.

She had noticed Raven’s change. She wasn’t trying to hide anything from her, but it just wasn’t the best
time yet. She had to get the best results on her own in the camp instead of being someone to Nolan.
Raven left it there and smiled. “Alright, rest early today. You have an assessment tomorrow.” Seeing
her lie down, Maisie looked at her for a while before climbing into her own bed.

The next day…

Raven wasn’t around when Maisie woke up. After cleaning herself, she had to get bread from the shop
because she was too late for breakfast.

However, when she was leaving, she noticed that the passersby were looking at her weirdly and
seemed to be gossiping.

She walked to the training field, and a group of girls who were in a discussion suddenly looked oddly at

“She only had 1 point deducted even when she cheated because she has a thing with Mr. Goldmann.”
“I really don’t know what she’s doing here. Wasn’t she unwillingly sent in here by the wife of a married
man she was caught with?”

“Really? Tsk, tsk, Francisco must have been blind to be interested in a woman like that.”

Some words just had a different ‘taste’ when they come from different people. Maisie found it funny.
She knew that once she was ‘caught’ knowing Nolan, there would be all kinds of rumors about her, but
who had let this slip? Maisie paused. She remembered what Raven had asked her the previous night,
and her eyes darkened.

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