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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 294

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Chapter 294

“Snake! There’s a snake!”

Francisco rushed out of the crowd and ran toward Maisie. However, the instructor stopped him and
barked out his order, “Everyone, clear the site. The assessment is suspended!”

“Sir, how is she?” Francisco asked anxiously.

“A snake bit her, and she needs medical attention now.”

‘Bit by a snake? Why is there a snake in the training camp?’

“Maisie!” Cherie ran up to Maisie while Hans tended to her wound. “The wound on the back of her hand
is starting to swell up. We’ve got to remove the venom from her first. “I’m sorry, Ms. Vanderblit. Please
bear with me,”

Hans cut open the wound bigger with Maisie’s knife. Then, he squeezed the snake venom out o f the
wound slowly and repeated the same process.

Maisie put up with the intense pain throughout the entire process. Her face was ashen pale, and beads
of sweat were running down her cheek “Quickly! Go get a stretcher!” Hans shouted at Cherie. “Okay! I’ll
be right back!” Cherie replied as she ran toward the infirmary with the instructor. Sitting on the ground,
Logan couldn’t utter a single word. She couldn’t believe what had transpired, and she couldn’t believe
that the one who had saved her from the pit viper was none other than Maisie.

Maisie was carried to the infirmary on the stretcher. Although Hans had removed most of the snake
venom, it would be too late to send her to the hospital, so they brought her to the infirmary instead. No
one was allowed to enter the infirmary. Although this was not the first time the doctor treated a patient

bitten by a snake, he was kind of bewildered as well as he did not know howt o deal with a pit viper

“Pit viper… How is there a pit viper in the training camp? We need to rush her to the hospital right

They did not have the antivenom for pit vipers in the training camp.

Hans grabbed him by his collar and snarled, “But it will be too late if we send her to the hospital now.”

“She needs to be treated by a specialized doctor. I’m not familiar with this kind of snake venom!”

Cherie and Francisco were frozen on the spot as if a bolt of lightning struck them. Seeing that Maisie
had begun to fall unconscious, Francisco tightened his fists and said, “My brother knows a professional
doctor who is well acquainted with snake venom. I will contact

him right now!”

Nolan was playing chess with Titus for the whole afternoon, but Nolan was obviously distraught.

He did not know why, but he couldn’t shake off the trepidation in his heart. It was as if he had a feeling
that something big was going to happen.

Titus noticed his anxiety and harrumphed, “Stop thinking about it, brat. It’s afternoon, and I assume that
the assessment is over. We just need to wait for the results to—”.

Suddenly, Nolan’s phone rang and cut Titus short. He frowned slightly when he saw Nolan drop the
chess piece to answer the call.

“This brat… How could he treat a woman better than his own grandfather?’

Nolan’s heart skipped a beat as he set his jaw tightly when he heard the news. He said through gritted
teeth, “I’ll go there right now!” “What happened? Why are you so nervous?” “Grandpa, you didn’t let me
go to the training camp, and now something has happened to Zee. Are you satisfied now?” Nolan
hissed, anger thick in his voice. He then turned around and left the office without turning his head back

Titus was stunned.

‘What has happened to her?’ Nolan stormed toward Swallow County at the top of his speed, and he
nearly rammed into other cars along the way. He put on his Bluetooth earpiece and said with gnashed
teeth, “I don’t care who it is. Find out who the hell is the one that put a pit viper in the training camp.”

He gripped the steering wheel even tighter and stamped the accelerator to the end. Normally, i t took
45 minutes to reach Swallow County, but he arrived in 25 minutes.

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