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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 299

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Chapter 299

“What were you thinking about?” Maisie lowered her gaze.

The affection on Nolan’s face condensed at the bottom of his eyes, and the corners of his lips were
lifted slightly. “I was thinking that when you’ve regained consciousness, I’ll chain you u p to drag you to
the town hall to marry you immediately, no matter whether your grades meet grandfather’s
requirements or not.”

He did not want to wait any longer. He wanted her to be his rightful wife, and he wanted to be able to
write her name down in any column that asked him for the name of his spouse from now onward.

Maisie did not expect that he would say this to her suddenly, but she knew that he was the person who
had been taking care of her worrying about her for the past two days.

‘If I were to really marry him… ‘It’s not that it’s unacceptable.’ However, something came to Maisie’s
mind, and she pushed him away gently. Seeing that she lowered her gaze and remained quiet, Nolan
asked in a muffled voice, “You don’t want to?” “I didn’t say that I don’t want to…” “Then are you saying
that you’re willing to do so?” Nolan hugged her again with a wide grin o n his face.

Maisie grumbled and replied, “Nolan, no matter what, I’ve made your grandfather a promise. S o if I
marry you without passing the assessment beforehand, won’t I be crowned as a dishonest woman by
your grandfather for the rest of my life?

“Besides, your family background is so complicated. If I marry you without knowing anything about it, it
can be foreseen that I won’t be able to stabilize my position as Mrs. Goldmann in the future, right?”

Nolan was taken aback. He did not seem to have thought that she would think about this. However, he
then lowered his gaze and smiled after a short couple of seconds. “Zee, I can tell you everything now if

you want to know about them.

“I’ll start by telling you about the sacrifice that Quincy, Cherie, and Hans’ parents made back then. Their
parents were selected to join the top management from the training camp years ago, and they were my
grandfather’s most faithful subordinates.

“My great-grandfather founded a group of elite forces with the eldest princess of the royal family back in
Stoslo in the past. This organization is called the ‘Night Banquet’, also known a s the ‘Goldmanns’
Banquet’ to the public.”

Maisie looked at Nolan in surprise.

As someone who had lived in Stoslo for a few years, it was impossible for her not to have heard of the
organization ‘Night Banquet’. It was said that this organization had a very close

connection with the royal family of Stoslo. It was also equivalent to the military force that the princess of
Stoslo owned.

‘In addition to the eldest daughter of the royal family, Nolan’s great-grandfather was also one of the
founders of the “Night Banquet”!?’

“Did your great-grandfather have something to do with the royal family of Stoslo?” Maisie asked.

Nolan could not help but laugh. “Do you know why my grandfather has a face that resembles that of a
mixed-race man?”

Maisie was dumbfounded. Indeed, she was actually quite curious about the reason Nolan’s grandfather
looked like a mixed-race man.

“Because my grandfather is the child of my great-grandfather and the eldest princess of Stoslo.
However, the royals wouldn’t recognize this bloodline. My grandfather’s existence and the Goldmanns
as a whole have always been regarded as a disgrace to them.”

Nolan’s great-grandfather was a man of no background. It could even be said that he was a lowly thug
who originated from the ghetto.

However, because of his ruthlessness and ambitions, he had become the bodyguard of the princess of
Stoslo due to a strange combination of circumstances and coincidences. He served only the princess
back then.

Nolan’s great-grandfather had slaughtered a lot of leftists and nobles in the royal family for the
princess, so his name was greatly feared by others. To put it bluntly, his great-grandfather had been the
hyena that served the eldest princess back then.

The intimate relationship between the princess and Nolan’s great-grandfather was only known to the
outside world after the eldest daughter gave birth to Titus. However, because the ordinance of Stoslo’s
royalty would not allow the princess to marry a commoner, even though Titus was considered royal
blood, he was never accepted by the royal family.

In order to avoid implicating Titus in the royal family’s agendas, the princess had asked Nolan’s great-
grandfather to bring Titus to Zlokova and settle down in this country. While he had been doing so, he
established the Goldmanns, and entrusted the young Titus to Rowena’s grandfather and grandmother.
1 However, Nolan’s great-grandfather, who then returned to Stoslo after that, died in Stoslo with the
princess in that exact year.

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