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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 300

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Chapter 300

After listening to what Nolan said about the Goldmanns’ history, Maisie was undoubtedly shocked and
stupefied as if she had been told something extremely incredible.

Nolan picked her up by her waist and placed her on his lap. “Zee, I’ve confessed everything to you
now, so you should also know why my grandfather always brings Rowena along by his side and values
her so much. This is all because Rowena’s grandparents were the ones who raised my grandfather.”

Maisie pursed her lips and did not utter a single word.

Nolan held her hand and placed it on his beating chest. “You have my word, as long as I’m still alive
and well, I won’t let you suffer from any grievances, regardless if it comes from my grandfather,
Rowena, or anyone else. Those people who make things difficult for you in the future can treat them as
people who have offended me.

“Even if it kills me.

“I’m better off dead if I can’t keep my words to you or lose you.” Maisie stared in awe at Nolan, who
was swearing to her with a solemn and firm expression and blurted, “Even Hades wouldn’t want to
keep you in hell.” Nolan brushed the corner of her lips with his finger. “If that’s the case, my life is yours
to keep from now on, and no one can take it except you.”

Two days later…

Maisie got her report card for the assessments, but what she did not expect was that she had scored a
total of 130 points.

“Sir, is there a mistake in this assessment result? Didn’t I fail to complete one of the assessments? So
how did I score 130 points?”

The instructor explained to her, “The extra 10 points have been given to you because you came
forward courageously and rescued your companion at the assessment site. Although what you did is
very risky and isn’t worthy of commendation, your courage should be recognized.”

He then added, “Moreover, this is also Logan’s recognition of you. She admitted that she was flustered
at that time, and her actions startled the pit viper. You’re the one who’s saved her.”

Maisie held the document in her hand and asked, “What about Logan? How are her grades?”

“Only one person with the best grades will be selected in the annual assessment. And because you’ve
saved Logan, she’s withdrawn herself from this assessment voluntarily.”

The instructor’s explanation kept echoing in Maisie’s ears. To her, Logan’s decision was still somewhat

As soon as she walked to the field, she saw Rowena and Hans standing together and did not know
what to say to them.

Rowena was astonished when she saw Maisie, but her expression did not change much. She

then walked toward Maisie with a polite smile. “Ms. Vanderbilt, I heard the incident that you ran into. I
didn’t expect Wynona to do such a thing, but I’m relieved to see that you’re doing fine.”

Maisie chuckled. “Ms. Summers, are you saying that you’re worried about me?” Rowena lowered her
gaze. “After all, you’re the person that Nolan cares about the most. I’m sorry about the jade ring. I
deliberately made you misunderstand Nolan’s intention in order to see if you really cared about Nolan.”

Rowena’s confession surprised Maisie.

‘This action doesn’t seem to suit her personality well. However, should I say something in return since
she’s said so?

She smiled. “Noles has explained everything to me, and thank you, Ms. Summers, for making me see
what I want deep down clearly.”

The smile hanging on the corners of Rowena’s lips looked stiff. “Really?” Maisie twirled a strand of her
hair as the corners of her scarlet lips twitched and lifted. She then said, “I’ve never dared to face
Nolan’s feelings for me before this, but after experiencing all the incidents that have happened recently,
I seem to have realized that I might have fallen n love with him.”

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