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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 295

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By the time Nolan got to the infirmary, he saw Helios and an older man in there.

Nolan knew who the older man was and was well aware of why Helios was there. After all, only the
Bouchers could make Professor Leonhardt come out of his seclusion.

Professor Leonhardt was a serum specialist in the medical world. He had an aloof and eccentric
temperament. Money and fame meant nothing to him, and the reason he was here was because of the

Helios turned his head slowly to look at the incoming man and smiled. “You owe me one.”

Nolan replied sternly, “I know. I will return the favor one day.” The doctor in the training camp felt
honored since he could become Professor Leonhardt’s helper. He assisted him while Professor
Leonhardt was examining and treating Maisie. Professor Leonhardt drew some blood from Maisie and
gave it to the doctor beside him. “Go get it tested right away.” The doctor was stunned for a moment.
However, he did not dare to ask anything and took the vial of blood into the laboratory for testing.

It was only then Helios noticed that Professor Leonhardt was exceptionally excited right now. His
curiosity was piqued, so he asked, “Professor Leonhardt, why do you want to test her blood?”

“There’s something wrong with her blood,” Professor Leonhardt said as he stroked his chin. H e
seemed to have come across something interesting as he said, “Throughout my entire life, this is the
first time I’ve encountered something like this after someone got bitten by a pit viper. Not only did the
venom not spread to her organs, but the effect of the venom is also being weakened effectively.”

Getting bitten by a pit viper could be life-threatening. The symptoms were complicated, and they
changed rapidly as the pit viper venom contained a complex mixture of toxins. However, in Maisie’s
case, not only did she not show a lot of signs of poisoning, but the snake venom couldn’t spread in her
bloodstream at all.

Both Nolan and Helios were surprised. “I haven’t even used the serum that I brought here. Since her
blood is so special, I figured that I’d run some tests on her blood first.”

‘Her blood is special?’ Nolan pressed his lips thin.

‘Could it be that she still has some secret on her?’

Soon, the doctor returned with the blood test results. “Professor Leonhardt. Here are the blood test

Professor Leonhardt took the blood test results from the doctor. He put on his spectacles and

seemed rather surprised after reading through the document. Nolan frowned and asked, “Did you find
out anything, Professor Leonhardt?” “This is strange… Her blood is better than ordinary people in all
aspects of the index, but it doesn’t affect her in any way.”

Professor Leonhardt took a seat at the chair on the side and stared at the blood test results for a long

Nolan walked up to Maisie and asked, “If she’s fine, why hasn’t she woken up yet?” “Do you think she’s
a superwoman? You should be grateful that she’s still alive. She will need some time before she can
regain consciousness,” Professor Leonhardt said as he stared intently at the blood test results.

Nolan placed his hand on Maisie’s forehead. He heaved a sigh of relief inwardly when he noticed that
her body temperature was normal and she didn’t have a fever.

“Mr. Goldmann.” Hans’s voice erupted from the outside of the infirmary. Nolan straightened his body
and walked to the entrance. It was only then Hans said,” According to our investigation, someone put
the viper into the training camp. We’ve caught that person as well, and he told us that it’s Wynona who
instructed him to do that.” Nolan’s face turned grim, and Hans continued. “According to other people,

Wynona has been a todds with Ms. Vanderbilt. She was the one who lured Ms. Vanderbilt to the
restricted area and arranged the match between Ms. Vanderbilt and Logan.”

“It wasn’t me! It really wasn’t me! I didn’t put the viper into the training camp!” Wynona explained while
the instructor brought her to the detention room. She stretched her arm forward and prevented the
instructor from leaving.

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