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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 298

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Chapter 298

Maisie could not come up with a reason that made sense, but she had a hunch that Wynona might
have been framed. The person who had framed Wynona knew about her personal grievance with

When she was entranced by her own thoughts, she did not notice the person who appeared outside
the door. “Maisie.”

Maisie returned to her senses gradually and found out that it was Raven.

Raven walked into the room uneasily, clasping the back of her right hand with her left palm.“ Maisie, I’m
glad to know that you’ve woken up. And I’m so sorry for what happened before this. I know that there’s
no way that you’ll forgive me, and I don’t expect you to do so either. But I only want to apologize to
you… “I know, I chose to believe in Wynona’s words instead of yours. That’s how I misunderstood you.
I actually thought that you truly had never regarded me as a friend. But it was all my fault, I’m sorry. You
must’ve been extremely disappointed that day, right?”

‘I didn’t stand by Maisie’s side, nor did I choose to believe her. I just stood by and watched her being
ridiculed without saying a single word to support her. While on the other hand, Maisie actually beat and
threatened Wynona and the others for my sake.’

Raven’s eyes turned bloodshot upon thinking of this.

‘Everything started with my inner conflict. I’m the one to blame.’

Maisie lowered her gaze and said with a soft and gentle tone, “Rye, I can’t blame everything o n you.
After all, I didn’t look at things from your point of view either. I came to the training camp with only one

objective, and that’s to obtain the assessment results, not to mention that I only have half a month to do

Seeing that Raven was still pursing her lips, Maisie smiled bitterly. “It’s actually very difficult for me to
open myself up and allow others to understand me better.” ‘I can’t even make others know myself
better, let alone understand me well. So what right do I have to blame Raven for this incident?’

Raven wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes and forced a smile. “It’s a relief to hear that
you don’t blame me. I can finally rest assured now. I shouldn’t be disturbing you now. You should get
some rest.”

Staring at Raven’s back as she was leaving melancholically, Maisie lay on the bed and started t o feel
extremely upset. Although the recent two weeks she had spent in this training camp were nowhere
near peaceful to her, she was now deeply confused apart from being shocked by Wynona’s sudden

When Nolan, who had just returned to the ward, saw Maisie lying motionless on the bed, his eyes
narrowed, and he panicked deep down.

He rushed to the bed and leaned over, wanting to wake her up, but Maisie sat up abruptly and rammed
her head against the bridge of his nose. “Nolan, are you alright?” Maisie, who was rubbing her
forehead with a surprised expression, looked at Nolan, who was covering the bridge of his nose. ‘Who
would know that he’d come so close to me all of a sudden!?’ Nolan pinched the bridge of his nose and
gasped, thanking God that his nose was not a fake one. He then removed his hand, and a stream of
warm and sticky fluid gushed out of his nostril.

He swiped his philtrum with his fingertip and found out that he was suffering from a nosebleed.

“Don’t move!” Maisie hurriedly took out some tissue, dragged him to the side of the bed, sat him down,
and wiped it for him.

It was probably her first time seeing Nolan in such an embarrassment and loss, so she could not help
but laugh out loud.

Nolan frowned. “How can you manage to laugh at such a moment?” “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I
couldn’t help it…” Maisie’s shoulder trembled as she was trying t o hold back her laughter. Seeing that
the woman in front of him had finally removed all pretense and showed him her most genuine side
while he was around, Nolan held her wrist, wrapped his arm around her waist, and pulled her into his

Maisie was stunned for a split second, only to see him lower his head and ask softly, “Zee, do you
know what I was thinking about throughout the past two days when you were in a coma?”

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