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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 302

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Chapter 302

The reason that his little goddess kept pushing him away was that she was already with Mr. Goldmann
and already had children.

He had lost because he met her too late. 2

At the black market’s Underground Freeway…

A woman with red hair in fishnet stockings walked in the arms of a man out of the massage parlor. She
didn’t forget to kiss him when she sent him away. “Lenny, come back soon. I’m going to miss you.”

The red-haired woman was going back in when she saw a masked woman in unusual clothing walking
over with two men,

She looked at the woman’s mask and scoffed. “I’m sorry, we don’t take female customers. The two
hunks behind you are fine, though.”

The woman in the mask looked at the two men, and one of them pushed a thick stack of money into
the red-haired woman’s hand and asked, “Is there a woman named Willow here?”

The red-haired woman excitedly counted the money. It was $15,000. That was what she would make in
half a year!

Seeing that they were there to see Willow, the red-haired woman smiled brightly. “Yes, we do! Willow
has just been here for a month. I’ll bring you over right away!”

She didn’t know why they wanted to see her, but since she had taken their money, she was going to do
what they asked.

Money would get things done in the underground scene.

Willow stood smoking at the door in revealing clothes.

The thick makeup she had put on in the morning covered what she actually looked like. She had left
her honor behind since she started doing this for a living.

She had to live on. The only way she could escape was to survive.

“Willow, you have guests!”

The red-haired man brought the three people over. Willow went up to greet them even though she
didn’t want to.

When she saw the woman in the mask standing between the two men, she was surprised. The
massage parlor never took female clients.

Although she had met all kinds of eccentric characters there, she had never seen a woman there.

The woman in the mask coolly asked, “You’re Willow?”

Willow put out the cigarette on the ashtray on the trashcan next to her when she heard that the woman
knew her.

“I am,” Willow answered.

The masked woman said, “Let’s talk inside.”

Willow brought the three of them into her room. The masked woman sat on the couch, and the two men
stood next to her, not showing any signs of hostility toward her.

“I heard that Maisie is your sister?”

When Maisie was mentioned, hatred flashed across Willow’s eyes. “Why? Do you know her? Did she
send you?”

The masked woman raised her hand. “Don’t worry, Ms. Vanderbilt. I hate that woman as much as you

Willow paused, not sure if she should trust her. “Why are you here?”

The masked woman laughed. “Do you want to leave this filthy place?”

Leaving this place was the only thing on Willow’s mind, but she couldn’t do it. This woman, on the other

“Can you really help me get out of here?”

The woman slowly said, “If you tell me everything about Maisie, I’ll help you get out.”

Half an hour later…

The masked woman left. She removed the mask when she got in the car and coldly smiled.

Hah, she didn’t expect Maisie’s mom to be a de Arma. She didn’t have to take matters into her own
hands then.

She picked up the phone. “Grandpa, it’s me. There’s something I need to tell you…”

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