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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 305

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Chapter 305

Rowena was shocked. How dare she go against Titus!

Hah, she had fully angered him. That would be the end of her!

“You!” Titus’ face looked dim. He was furious. “Get out now!”

Nolan held Maisie’s wrist, tumed around, and coldly said, “The only woman that I will ever want to
marry is Maisie.”

Seeing him leave without even looking back, Titus was reminded of how his son Nicholas was as
stubbom when he wanted to marry Natasha. His eyes darkened.

Although his son had married Natasha, he had agreed to it even though he wasn’t happy about this
daughter-in-law. ;

This was different. Even if Maisie was a Vanderbilt, she had de Amma blood flowing in her veins! That
woman would be the death of him!

Rowena’s heart was frozen.

She had been under the impression that by informing Titus about this, he would stop Nolan from being
with Maisie, but…

Nolan was willing to disobey his grandfather instead of giving up on that woman!

“Grandpa, don’t worry. Ms. Vanderbilt’s children just tie Nolan down. He doesn’t want the kids to lose
their mother.”

Yes, if that woman didn’t have his kids, she wouldn’t even be in the picture.

Titus looked grave. “Hmmph, we’re Goldmanns. We would never need to worry about not finding a
good nanny. As for Maisie, I will never let someone with de Arma blood marry into the family!” 1

After Nolan got in the car, Maisie raised her hands and cupped his face. “Nolan, let me see your face.”

Nolan turned around and hugged her tight in his arms. That made Maisie freeze. “Nolan?”

“Zee, let me hug you for a bit.”

He hugged her soft body and put his face on her neck. The man who was so strong in front of Titus
was showing this vulnerability t o her?

Thinking back on what Titus had said, she frowned. “Nolan, are the de Armas really like what your
grandpa pictured them?”

“That was from my great-grandfather’s generation.” Nolan looked up at her, gently touching her face.
“My great-grandfather had been sworn enemies with the left-wing royals, and the de Armas at that time
were one of the families supporting the left. 1

“My father never wanted me to be involved in what my great-grandfather was in, but since my great-
grandfather influenced Grandpa, he has a prejudice against the royals, especially the de Armas.”

Nolan held her hand and looked down. “I’m sorry, Maisie. I hid this from you because I didn’t want you
to be stressed out about this.”

To him, what had happened to their ancestors had nothing to do with them, so no matter who Maisie
was, he was sure that he wanted her.

Maisie looked at him for a while, raised her hand, and lightly touched the wound on his face.


He sucked in air and frowned. “It hurts, Zee.”

Maisie didn’t say anything.

Women really were helpless when men started acting soft.

She pressed her lips together. “Let’s go back. I’ll put some medication on that.”

Nolan held her hand tight and smiled. “Where can we go back to? The old man is furious. Where can
we go?”

Maisie paused. “Then…”

He smiled.

“Didn’t you say you have a reward for me? Bring me to it.” Nolan drove away from the Goldmann

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