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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 306

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Chapter 306

Blue Bay, a villa in a silk stocking district…

Maisie looked at the row of red maples at the side of the road through the window. The red-colored
leaves of the maple trees had added a touch of life to the buildings on the street.

Mountains and water surrounded the wealthy district in Bassburgh. It was situated near the shore and
had a comfortable environment. Not only that, but it had a good public transport network, so many
wealthy businessmen or celebrities chose to stay there.

She asked incredulously, “Nolan, what did you bring me here for?”

However, Nolan did not reply. He continued to drive the car until they arrived at a 3,700-square-feet
detached villa.

The courtyard was filled with flowery plants and greenery. There was a clear pond with a soft stone
path and a sheltered wooden pavilion on the bank.

The two-story villa was painted in a warm yellow color. It had a simplistic design which gave off a
classy and majestic vibe.

Maisie came out of the car with Nolan, and she stared at him in surprise. “Don’t tell me that…” 1

There was a smile tugging at the comer of Nolan’s lips as he replied, “This is our newlywed house. This
place has a nice environment, and it’s the perfect place for us to spend our time together. Just the two
of us.”

The comer of Maisie’s lips quivered, and she asked, “Just the two of us?”

Nolan wrapped his arms around her from the back, lowered his head, and rested his chin on her
shoulder. “Zee, we’ll get married, s o we should work on our relationship first. My dad will take care of
the three kids. He likes kids very much, so he won’t do anything to them. We should focus on ourselves

‘Focus on ourselves first?’ Maisie had no idea why, but she did not have a good feeling about this.

Suddenly, Nolan scooped her up from the ground and entered the villa. The villa was equipped with a
floor-to-ceiling window, offering them a panoramic view of the deep blue sea.”

There was a full set of furniture in the villa as well.

Before Maisie could come around to her senses, Nolan put her on the couch. Just when he was about
to lean toward her, Maisie pushed him away and said, “You… You should tend to the wound on your
face first.”

Squinting his eyes, Nolan chuckled. “Sure.”

Maisie did not expect that Nolan had prepared a medical kit in the villa as well. Judging from the interior
of the villa, she was certain that Nolan must have bought this villa a long time ago.

Maisie used a cotton swab to dab at the bruise on his cheek. The bruise was dark and purple, and she
could tell how heavy Titus had hit him just now.

Nolan looked down at the woman who was treating his wound right now.

The sea breeze blew through the opened floor-to-ceiling window, and the white curtain danced along
with the eddies of wind. The nice smell of her hair seeped into his nostril, and from his angle of sight,
he could clearly see her cherry red lips that were slightly opened.

He swallowed hard twice as a hint of desire crossed his eyes.

He caressed her cheek with his finger and lowered his head to plant his lips on hers before pushing her
down on the couch.

“Mmm… Nolan, your wound”

“I missed you so much, Zee,” Nolan said as he grabbed her hand.

Maisie was so exasperated that her face turned red.

‘God d*mn it! Why must he take advantage of me whenever he has the chance?’

“No… Nolan, I need to go to work later.”

Maisie tried to get up, but Nolan secured her tightly in his embrace.

He bit off her button, and the corners of his mouth curled up in a wicked way. “You have to stay with me
while I’m recovering from my injury.”

By the time Maisie woke up, the sky had gotten dark. If she had learned something this afternoon, that
would be she should never mess with a man who had been abstaining from sex for a long time.
Otherwise, she would be the one who would get the short endo f the stick.

Draping in the sheet, she walked up to the closet. However, when she opened the closet, it was full of
men’s shirts and custom made suits. There was nothing she could wear! When the things Nolan had
said in the afternoon surfaced in her mind, she gnashed her teeth and chided inwardly, “That demn son
of a b*tch did it on purpose!’

Nolan was preparing dinner in the kitchen. When Maisie came downstairs in the bathroom slippers, her
stomach gave in and growled when she smelled the aroma wafting out of the kitchen.

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