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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 312

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Chapter 312

Ryleigh was stunned for a split second. It was obvious that Maisie’s issue completely overwhelmed her.
“Okay, I really can’t understand it.”

Maisie placed her hand on Ryleigh’s shoulder and said with an intoxicating smile, “Ryleigh, I realize
that you’re my only best friend. You didn’t give up on me, no matter how pretentious I was or how
others framed me. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t helped me back then.”

Ryleigh looked bewildered. “Are you drunk?”

“Just how annoying can you be? Do I look like I’m drunk? I’m just feeling a little emotional.” Maisie
placed her arms on Ryleigh’s shoulders. “I sometimes envy you. You have a father who’s always been
protecting you so well since you were a little girl that he has raised you into such an innocent woman.
Not to mention that no one would cause you any trouble for no reason. It’s actually quite nice to be able
to be a carefree young lady.”

‘At least, she won’t come across the problems that I face.’

“Since when did you see my carefree side? It just happens that you haven’t seen the time when my
father causes me troubles!” Ryleigh then whispered, “I should be the one who’s envious of you. You got
to sleep with the man that every woman in Bassburgh wants to sleep with, and you even have three
lovely kids.”.

*Then why don’t you find one and get it on with him too?” She laughed.

“Nah, what makes you think that every woman would share the same luck with you when it comes to
sleeping with a man who’s not only breathtakingly handsome but also impossibly loyal?”

The phone on the table started vibrating all of a sudden.

Ryleigh took a glance at Maisie’s phone, saw the caller ID “Nolan” flashing on its screen, and gasped.

Maisie picked up the phone and answered the call, “Nolan?”

Nolan heard the deafening music from the other end of the call, and his expression tumed slightly
gloomy. “Where are you?”

Maisie chuckled. “I’m at a bar. Do you want to come?”

The person on the other end of the call remained silent for a short second and then said coldly,

Maisie told Nolan the address, and Nolan really appeared in the bar within ten minutes.

The speed was otherworldly!

Nolan’s expression looked sullen as his eyes dimmed. “Are you asking to be taught a lesson? How
dare you come to a-”

The figure that he was talking to suddenly threw herself into his arms and hugged him before he could
finish speaking. Not to mention Ryleigh, even Nolan was taken aback by her action.

Maisie then wrapped her arms around his neck and let off a faint smile, “Handsome fella, I’m done
drinking. You can take me home now!”

‘Handsome fella?

The rage in Nolan’s heart surged as he heard her calling him names. He pinched her chin with his
fingertips and lifted her head.“ Who am I?”

Maisie blinked. “Nolan Goldmann.”

“Ahem, about that, Mr. Goldmann, I’ll leave Zee to you and take my leave first.” Ryleigh picked up her
bag and escaped as fast as a hare in order not to be reprimanded.

Nolan looked at the woman in his arms, who seemed to be drunk and sober simultaneously, and slowly
opened his lips. “What are you doing at a bar?”

Maisie was playing around with his tie. “I was in a bad mood, so I came here for some drink to

“You’re in need of some decompression, aren’t you?” Nolan’s gaze looked slightly cold. He picked her
up horizontally and gnashed his teeth. “I’ll help you decompress as much as you want when we get
home.” 1

Back at the private villa located in Blue Bay, Nolan carried her to the room and quickly put her down.
He quickly grabbed her waist, pressed her against the wall, and kissed her.

Maisie hugged him in bewilderment while the strong arms wrapped around her waist. “Zee, you can
only be mine.”

At Blackgold Group…

Maisie wore a black lantern-sleeved turtleneck dress, with a lace neckline inlaid with pearl accessories
and royal blue silver ornaments, making her look extremely delicate and elegant,

She was walking up to the elevator with her head bowed while a voice came from behind. “Ms.

Maisie turned her eyes and saw Rowena walking toward her. She then greeted her with a slightly
restrained expression. “What a coincidence, Ms. Summers.”

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