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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 316

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Chapter 316

If this was the past, Nolan would probably be a useless king! And that useless son of his, the father-
and-son duo were the same. They even worked together to rebel!

Rowena advised in a low voice, “Don’t be angry, Grandpa. I think the problem is Ms. Vanderbilt instead
of Nolan.”

“What do you mean?” Titus asked.

Rowena pouted. “Grandpa, if I told you, Nolan would say that I was complaining to you.”

“Don’t worry, I’m on your side. Just say it as it is.” Titus showed that he would support her.

That made Rowena slowly say, “Ms. Vanderbilt kept bothering Nolan and wanted him to bring her to the
meeting. And her attitude toward me was horrendous. She probably thinks that I’m a threat to her.

“She targeted me at the camp for no reason. On the day of her assessment, Nolan suddenly went to
the camp with me. I think she probably told him something, and that was why he didn’t trust me.”

She was trying to paint Maisie as the troublemaker, and if it weren’t for her, Nolan wouldn’t be so
reckless as to go against him.

Titus’ expression darkened upon hearing that.

He knew that his grandson wasn’t that bad. It seemed like that woman should not be allowed to stay
any longer.

Waylon, who was standing outside the study, heard the conversation. His little fist tightened, and he
walked away.

#Mr. Goldmann pampers his wife#

Maisie took some time to scroll through Twitter and saw that that was ‘trending’. She was stunned

When she clicked in, it was all about them ‘showing off their love at the office the other day.

#Woody: The wife of the hunky CEO is making me jealous.#

#OrangeFTW: Whenever Mr. Goldmann, who only shows up in financial news, shows up on Twitter, it’s
always new to make the single people jealous.#

#DayDreamer: The rich just have a different way of pampering their wives.#

Maisie put her phone down on the desk. The entire Zlokova would have known that she was Nolan’s
fiancee. Would they let her

continue working there?

There was a knock on the door.

She looked up. “Come in.” Kennedy came in, followed closely by Cherie. “Maisie!” 1

Maisie slowly stood up. “It’s you.”

Cherie walked in proudly and said, “I’m taking a break, and Raven had something for me to bring to
you. She said you probably left i t.”

Maisie’s smile froze upon seeing Cherie give her a bag.

When she opened the bag, there was a jade ring inside that she had left at the camp.

She looked up. “How is Rye?”

Cherie scratched her head and smiled. “Not bad. I don’t know why, but she is a lot more hardworking

Maisie looked down and smiled, but she remembered something, and her face dropped, “By the way,
was Wynona’s death really a suicide?”

“Why do you ask?”

Maisie’s lashes fluttered, “I don’t think she would end her own life.”

Cherie looked down and pondered. “When Mr. Goldmann got us to investigate it, I thought that
something was wrong. When Wynona was locked up, we got everything she had on her, and there was
no knife in the interrogation room.” Maisie asked, “Did you find anything from the investigation?”

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