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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 319

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Chapter 319

Waylon was going to grow up into someone extraordinary.

The smell of the spaghetti floated into his nostrils and made that old man hungry.

Daisie noticed that and brought her plate over. With watery and innocent eyes, she said, “Great-
grandpa, do you want some?”

Titus paused. He had yelled at this child in the evening, but now she was willing to share her food?

Titus still had to keep his pride, so he cleared his throat, turned his face away, and said, “Don’t think
that I will forgive you just because you did this.”

Daisie lowered her head and took her plate back, disappointed. “We know that you don’t love us.”

The old man widened his eyes. “Who says I don’t love you”

“There’s some left in the pot if you want some. If not, it’s fine.” Waylon cut him off.

Titus was rendered speechless. Had he grown too old? How could these three children walk over his

Forget it. There was no point arguing with children.

Titus took a plate for himself. He wanted to try out Waylon’s cooking. It was rare to see him have a
meal amicably with the children.

After he took a bite, he stopped speaking.

Daisie smiled, her eyes shining. “Isn’t the spaghetti that my brother made yummy?”

“Hmm, who taught you how to cook? It’s not bad.”

“Mommy.” Waylon’s reply made Titus’ hand shake. All of a sudden, the spaghetti didn’t smell as good.

“That woman taught him?

He put down his fork and said in an upset tone, “How could she let you do this at your age? As if her
being bad at taking care of her children isn’t bad enough, she even let you play around like this.”

“You don’t know how tough it was for her to take care of the three of us. You don’t get to say whatever
you want!”

Daisie pouted. “Mommy gave birth to us alone in a foreign country and had to make money to take care
of us. How can we treat her well if we don’t do anything in return?”

“She gave birth to you alone abroad?” Titus was surprised. He didn’t know about Maisie and the three
children’s past.

Colton nodded. “Yes, no one took care of her when she was pregnant with us. She went through a lot
by herself.”

Daisie added, “No one can take over Mommy’s place in our hearts. Mommy comes first, then Daddy.”

Titus was silent.

He put down the cutleries and went back to his room.

The three children had a strong bond with their mother, and since they had been by her side since they
were babies, they had a deep impression of their birth mother, Maisie.

Too bad this woman was related to the de Armas. He wasn’t going to let his grandson become a pawn
of the de Armas.

The three seated rugrats looked at each other. Their great-grandfather had obviously lost interest in
listening. It seemed like he wouldn’t waver even if they told him about her past.

The next day…

Mr. Cheshire walked Waylon and Daisie to the main door. The two waved to Waylon when they got to
the car, “We’re leaving, Waylon.”

Waylon waved back.

He had finished filming his parts in the production, so he could stay home during this time.

When Waylon turned around to go into the house, he bumped into Rowena, who was walking out.

Even though Rowena had no love for the three, she didn’t dare start anything with them since Titus
was around. They were just children, so she could handle them.

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