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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 318

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Chapter 318

Daisy’s eyes reddened, and she didn’t say anything.

Colton hugged her to console her and stared at Titus. “We don’t want food from this woman.”

To them, anyone who wanted to take their father away from their mother would be a bad woman.

Even though Rowena was disappointed, she still looked gracious. “It’s alright, Grandpa, don’t blame
the children.”

This little girl would get what she deserved one day.

Titus angrily slammed the table, his anger scaring everyone. “I’m not your grandpa nor your father. If
they pampered you in the past, I’m going to change your bad attitude. Apologize to ‘Aunt Rowena!”

Colton and Daisy were obviously startled by his anger, but they were still stubbom and refused to

Waylon angrily looked toward Titus. “We don’t need to apologize to her.”

Cheshire almost had a heart attack when he heard that.

How could this little child talk back to Titus?

Titus was shocked. This child was extremely hostile, but he had to subdue these children. “If you don’t
apologize, there’ll be no food for you.”

“We won’t eat then”

Waylon left the dining table, and Daisy and Colton followed their brother.

Seeing how upset Titus was, Mr. Cheshire carefully said, “The three children,”

Their bad temper is the result of their parents’ pampering. They’ll compromise when they’re hungry.”

Anger filled Rowena’s eyes. When she became Mrs. Goldmann, she would take good care of these
three rascals.

Late at night…

Titus had trouble falling asleep. The three little great-grandchildren had angered him. They all had bad
tempers, exactly like that brat Nolan

Even though he didn’t want to pamper them, given the ‘bad temper’ of the three, they would probably
not eat for the entire night.

He got out of bed to check on them.

Just when he got into the living room, he saw that the lights in the kitchen were on. He was angry and
wondered if Mr. Cheshire was making supper for the three of them. Unexpectedly, he saw something
different when he went over.

Daisie and Colton were playing at the dining table while Waylon stood on a stool to make supper for

Titus was stunned when he saw that. They could cook at such a young age!

When they saw Titus, Colton and Daisy stopped playing.

Titus raised his eyebrows and asked, “What are you doing?”

Colton tumed his head and happily said, “Making supper, of course.”

Titus said in a serious tone, “Making supper? How could you cook at such a young age? Who taught
you that?”

That was too dangerous. How could that brat Nolan let the children cook?

“Cooking is no big deal. Our brother learned that when we were four and a half.”

Daisie was proud as only Waylon had managed to learn how to cook. The other two just couldn’t get it.
Even their mother said that h e was a genius cook!

Waylon turned off the fire. He was familiar with all the equipment in the kitchen. He brought the
spaghetti out, and when Colton and Daisie smelled it, their stomachs started rumbling.

They had wanted to eat sneakily but were ‘caught by their great-grandfather.

Titus looked at the spaghetti that was cooked pretty well, and surprise flashed across his face. He took
a good look at Waylon.

This child was different from Colton and Daisie. He had a calmer mind than those who were of his age,
and that fierceness in his eyes when he was angry was more like his great-grandfather’s than Nolan.

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