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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 323

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Chapter 323

“Ouch, you’re hurting me, Nolan. Can’t you be more gentle!?”

“I’m sorry. I’ll be more careful.”

Rowena’s face tumed dark.

‘How… How shameless of them to do that kind of thing in the office? Maisie, you truly are one
seductive evil woman!

Driven by her rage, she pushed the door open, and then she was stunned. Maisie was sitting on the
couch while Nolan was squatting in front of her, massaging her foot.

Nolan turned his head to look at Rowena sternly and said, “Can’t you knock?”

Rowena’s expression changed, and she replied stiffly, “I’m sorry, I thought… I thought something
happened here.”

Maisie’s face turned red in embarrassment.

Thank goodness he didn’t do it for too long today. Or else, I might have to find a hole and bury myself
in it.’

“Even if something happened here, what has it got to do with you?” Nolan asked, his voice cold. “If you
don’t have anything else, then get the hell out of here.”

Rowena did not expect that Nolan would chase her away again. She bit her lower lip and looked at
Maisie intently before turning around and heading out of the office.

Maisie lowered her head to look at Nolan and said, “How can you be so mean to her? She’s probably
going to be sad again”

Nolan lifted his head to meet her gaze, and then he suddenly applied a stronger force on his hand.




“Ouch!” Maisie yelped out in pain She withdrew her sprained ankle from Nolan’s hand and said, “How
could you do that to me, Nolan? I’m not letting you touch me anymore!”


Propping himself up on the couch behind her, he looked at her intently and said, “What does it matter to
me if she’s sad or not? She’s not my woman, after all.”

Maisie’s eyelashes quivered, but she did not say anything. I.

Judging from Nolan’s personality, he wouldn’t take care of those who were not important to him. This
was something she had experienced in the past, but she wondered if she should be glad that she
hadn’t been as “miserable” as Rowena.

“You’re right, but wasn’t Willow technically your woman as well? Why didn’t you-”

“Maisie.” Nolan’s brows were deeply furrowed. “If you mention Willow again. I’ll make sure you won’t be
able to get out of bed tomorrow.”

#Helios secretly meeting a mysterious woman#

As expected, the title appeared on Google trends, and since it was news about Helios, the best actor, it
became the top search in Google.

Maisie scrolled across her tablet. Perhaps due to the angle problem, both Helios and she looked very
“intimate” in the photo.

However, the silver lining was she had been kissing Daisie in that photo. She had blocked Daisie’s
face, so she did not appear in the photo.

Sensing her anxiety, Kennedy laughed and tried to comfort her. “The netizens haven’t made any
comments on you and that kid yet. Besides, most of the comments aren’t malicious.”

Many netizens and Helios’ fans commented on Helios’ Facebook page.

#Doggy Helios’ No.1 fan: Dude, please stop hiding in the dark. Just make it public. I beg you.#.

#Love is a light @Helios CG: (Cry] Helios, Is she your girlfriend? I’m really worried that you won’t be
able to get yourself a wife.#

#Rowlo: Hahahaha *Burp* This is so hilarious. I thought there would be a war, but it turns out that all of
you are just encouraging him to get married soon.#

#Invincible Helios @Rowlo: [Helpless] Considering his age, we no longer have any demands. We’re
satisfied as long as she’s a living person.#

Maisie was rendered speechless. If she had to use something to describe Helios’ fans, it would be the
phrase “out of the ordinary.”

Inside the administrative office, Nolan frowned when he saw the news on Facebook.

It seemed to him that those paparazzi must have a death wish to spread scandalous news about his
woman and the Bouchers? In the meantime, he heard Titus’ voice blaring outside of his office. “Is that
brat not going to see me anymore?”

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