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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 324

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Chapter 324

Nolan frowned. He knew that Elder Master Goldmann would show up today. That was the reason he
had informed the receptionist t o tell Titus that he was not in the office. He did not expect him to come
straight up to his office.

Titus pushed the door to the office open. When he saw Nolan, he harrumphed. “Hmph! What now? Are
you going to cut ties with your grandfather?”

Nolan put his legs down, placed his phone on the table, and leaned back slightly. There was no
expression on his face as he said,” You know I wouldn’t do that.”

“You wouldn’t do that?” Titus’ face was dark, “You refuse to come home because of that woman, and
now you’re telling me that you wouldn’t dare to do that?”

Nolan harrumphed coldly. “If my memories serve me right, you’re the one who chased me out of the
house. Since you want me to stay out of your face, what’s the point for me to go back?”

“Nolan, you must have been bewitched by that woman. Did you see what that woman did? She took
Daisie to meet up with the eldest son of the Bouchers in secret. Do you think I couldn’t recognize her
just because her face isn’t shown in the photo?” Titus snarled exasperatedly.

His impression of Maisie had become worse again.

Even if there was nothing happening between them, how could she bring her daughter to meet with
another man? What’s more, she was captured by the paparazzi, and now everyone on the Internet was
talking about her. Was she not afraid of bringing bad publicity to the Goldmanns once they found out
that she was Nolan’s wife?

A cold smile appeared on the comer of Nolan’s lips. “I know she went to see Helios. Besides, she didn’t
meet him alone. Can’t you see there are so many people on the side?”


“Nolan’ Titus took a deep breath and said calmly, “I’ve never asked anything from you since you’re a
kid. I just want you to give up o n Maisie, why can’t you just listen to me once? There are so many
women out there, why must it have to be her? I’m sure you know what the de Arma family did to us in
the past. I just don’t want you to end up like your mother and become the weapon for the de Arma
family to use against us.”

Nolan jerked up from his chair. “Don’t you dare mention my mother in front of me!”.

Titus was dumbstruck. He could clearly see the anger in Nolan’s eyes.




The light in his eyes dimmed as he continued. “It’s not that we didn’t save her back then. It’s just that it
was too late when we received the information”

Nolan snorted. “I know you had always been dissatisfied with my mother because she was an actor.
You have your men in every comer of Stoslo, so there’s no way that you wouldn’t know that my mother
was missing for 24 hours! You said it was already too late by the time you received the information or
did you simply not take my mother’s life seriously?”

Titus’s heart skipped a beat. He knew that this matter had been a chip in Nolan’s shoulder.

Nolan had been 17 years old that year. His mother, Natasha, had traveled to Stoslo to attend a fashion
week event, but that also turned out to be her last event before she died.

Titus took a deep breath and said, “But the people who abducted your mother were the people from the
de Arma family!”

“But I hate you guys even more.”

That was the reason he refused to take over the Night Banquet. After all, he couldn’t forget about the
things that had happened to his mother.

They had turned a blind eye when his mother was in danger! How were they any different from the
ones who had killed her? 1

Titus was stumped when he heard what Nolan said. It took him quite a long while before he said
weakly, “I’m truly sorry about your mother, but believe it or not, it’s true that we didn’t receive any news
because it all happened too quickly at that time. We had done everything we could to look for her, but
we couldn’t find her.”

He did not want to say anything or explain anything anymore.

In the meantime, Rowena was standing outside of the door. When she heard the things that had
happened to Nolan’s mother 15 years ago, all colors drained from her face as a bad premonition rose
from her stomach pit.

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