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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 332

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Chapter 332

“Zee, Nolan’s grandfather didn’t approve of you being together, did he?”

Maisie was stunned and lowered her head.

Stephen understood everything when he saw her reaction “It’s because your mother is from the de
Arma family, and the Goldmanns hate the people from the de Arma family, right?”

“Dad, who told you that?”

Stephen paused for a moment before saying slowly, “It’s Nolan’s grandfather. He asked me to tell you
to stay away from Nolan. He told me that bad things will happen to Nolan if you remain by his side.
After that, when I sent them away, I was beaten by a masked man in front of the door. That guy
threatened me that if you don’t leave Mr. Goldmanns, he would…”.

Stephen stopped as he did not want to continue anymore. Honestly, he did not want to force his
daughter to leave Nolan because of this matter.

Maisie set her jaw tightly. She fell silent for a short moment and then rose to her feet. “Dad, get some
rest. I’ll see you tonight.”

After that, she left the ward with a stern face.

When she was back to Soul, she summoned Kennedy to her office. She turned around to look at him
and said calmly, “I plan to merge Vaenna in the near future and relocate our studio there.”

Kennedy was dumbfounded. “In the near future? What do you mean by in the near future? And why do
you want to relocate our studio there?”

Maisie’s eyelashes quivered, but she continued sternly. “Nothing. My dad left Vaenna in my hands, so I
can’t let him down.”

She subconsciously clenched her fist tightly.

Her kids had been attacked on the Internet, while an unknown person had ambushed her father. This
series of events proved to be too much for her to handle and weighed her down a bit, especially what
had happened to her father.

She had been there that day when Titus had called Nolan. It was just that she did not expect him to do
such a thing in order to force her to leave Nolan.

In the administrative office…

“She wants to relocate Soul to Vaenna?” Nolan was a little bit stunned when he received the news from

Kennedy was just there to tell Nolan about Maisie’s decision. He nodded and added, “Exactly. I think
Zee probably wants to expand the studio. Besides, Vaenna is basically half-closed”

Nolan pressed his lips into a fine line.

If Maisie wanted to move Soul to Vaenna, then why didn’t she tell him personally?

After Kennedy left his office, Rowena came in. “Nolan.”

She had heard the conversation between Kennedy and Nolan. It seemed to her that Willow had done
her job well after receiving money from her.

At present, she was confident that that b*tch Maisie would think that Titus had threatened her father.

‘Hmph! Once she moves her studio out of here, without Nolan watching over her, I’ll have more than
one way to get rid of her!’

“Nolan, Eastem Inc. has invited us to a banquet this evening. Grandpa wants me to attend with you.”

“I’m not going,” Nolan replied without any hesitation.

Rowena smiled and said, “Grandpa said that the current CEO of Eastern Inc. was Madam Goldmann’s

Nolan fell silent.

In the evening, Maisie brought the three kids to the hospital. Since they were here to visit their
grandfather, all of them brought a lot of fruits and snacks with them.

When Stephen saw how caring they were, he smiled, “I’m already very happy that you three have
come to visit me. You can keep the snacks for yourself.”

Daisie walked up to Stephen and asked, “Grandpa, since you’re in the hospital now, what about
Reddy? Is there anyone to feed it? Will it get hungry?”

After all, hunger was unbearable.

Stephen patted her head and replied, “Don’t worry. There’s an automatic feeding machine, so it won’t
get hungry for two days.”

“Reddy?” Maisie asked, confusion thick in her voice. Daisie replied with a smile, her eyes bright like
stars in the sky, “It’s a dog that Grandpa keeps. Its name is Reddy, and it’s cute!”

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