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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 330

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Chapter 330

‘Everything has gone wrong because of Maisie. I wouldn’t have to go through so many sh*tty situations
if she had not returned to Zlokova back then!

Maisie’s expression looked gloomy, as if a layer of fog was suffusing right in front of her face. “Don’t put
all the blame on me. How would you end up in that sh*t hole if you hadn’t done anything? If you have
the guts to bring harm to others, at least have the guts t o take full responsibility for what you’ve done.

“Willow, let me wam you. If you don’t cherish the things that still make you human, I can make your life
even worse than how it is now.”

Maisie flung her to the ground.

Willow’s hair was messy at the moment, and her appearance could not look any more embarrassing.
She clenched her hands tightly and glared at Maisie hatefully. “Do you think you can live in peace as
soon as I learn to behave myself? I’m not the only one who wants to make things difficult for you!”

Maisie squinted her eyes and pursed her lips, not uttering a single word.

Willow laughed. “There’s still someone out there who hates you, and that person will never let you go
this easily.” Maisie raised her eyebrows. “Oh, are you saying that there’s someone behind the curtains
supporting your actions?”



Willow’s gaze looked dodgy.

“There’s absolutely no way that I’m telling her anything!

Seeing that she did not plan to say anything, Maisie did not continue to question her. Instead, she
leaned down to look at her condescendingly and raised her phone. “Willow Vanderbilt, I won’t give you
another chance this time.”

“W-What do you want to do?” Willow’s expression changed.

‘Dimn it! Is this bitch planning to expose me?’.

Maisie gave off a faint smirk. “The hater group must be very lively, but how can you be the only one
that gets to enjoy the view? Let’s bring more people into this loop.”

She grabbed her phone and made a call next to her ear. “Uncle Kennedy, you may release the content


“Maisie, you b*tch, you-“Willow was about to pounce at Maisie to snatch her phone, but Maisie took a
step backward immediately and dodged her assault.

Maisie said with a hint of amusement in her eyes while watching Willow.trembling in anger and lying on
the ground in embarrassment, “Good luck.”

She then turned away and left.

Willow glared at Maisie’s back and gnashed her teeth

I’ll definitely repay today’s humiliation in double in the future!’

All netizens were piqued when the content of the hater group was exposed on Twitter and Facebook.

#GrassyGreeen: Those keyboard warriors should just die!#

#AdorableBTBrainless: They turned out to be keyboard mercenaries who were hired by someone else.
They’re actually abominable enough to abuse two children.#

#Shift: It turns out that the hater group really does exist.#

#Forest InDa South: Cull the bullsh*t, just report them.#

Willow’s phone almost blew up due to all the calls that came in at the same time.

She got scolded as soon as she answered one of the phone calls. “Are you the person who posted the
screenshots of our group chat box online? Are you an idiot? Have you lost your mind!?”

Willow roared exasperatedly, “What do you mean by I’m the person who posted the screenshots on the
Internet!? You’re the useless one here! You actually allowed others to track you!”

“F*ck, picking up your task is just pure bad luck!” The man hung up the phone angrily.

And when Willow saw the article “the hater group” that was posted on both Twitter and Facebook, she
smashed her phone on the

ground and gnashed her teeth in rage. “Maisie Vanderbilt! This is all on you, you b*tch!”

“That b*tch actually found out so quickly… Did Nolan help her from behind the scene?

‘Sh*t, if Nolan were to find out that I’ve managed to escape…’

She did not dare to think-all she knew was that she did not want to go back to that filthy place anymore.

Thinking of this, Willow became anxious as she had no money on her. Fortunately, she thought of
“Lady Wolfsbane” all of a sudden.

Yes, she’s the only person who can help me.’

She sent a message to Lady Wolfsbane, asking for her help..

It did not take long for Lady Wolfsbane to reply, and she transferred $100,000 to her generously

Just when she wanted to thank her, Lady Wolfsbane had already replied to her text message. 1 . [I’m
not paying you for nothing. I need you to do one thing for me.] At Soul Jewelry Studio.. “I didn’t expect
Willow to be the culprit behind this.” Kennedy knew that someone had hired the keyboard warriors, but
he did not expect it to be Willow

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