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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 334

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Chapter 334

Nolan was frozen on the spot, and his face was tuming grimmer and grimmer with each passing

The next day, at the Goldmann mansion…

Nolan stepped into the living room. When he saw Titus was reading a newspaper on the couch, he
walked up to him and asked,” Did you go to see Zee’s father?”

Titus harrumphed coldly when he realized that Nolan came back because of this. “I just went to talk to
him. Why? Did she complain to you?”

“So you sent someone after her father?”

“Sent someone after her father?” Titus put the newspaper down and asked, “What do you mean?”

He had just informed Stephen of the consequences if his daughter refused to leave his grandson. After
all, he needed to rule out any possible danger.

He had not sent anyone after him!

“After you went to look for Stephen yesterday, he was beaten by someone, and he has been
hospitalized since then. Was that not you?” Nolan asked, his face grim.

Titus was stunned.

‘Someone beat Stephen, and he has been hospitalized? How dare they set me up!?’ Titus thought

“No, it’s not me. Do you honestly think it’s me? If I really wanted to beat him up, I would do it openly
and squarely. I would never resort to such a despicable tactic.”

It occurred to him that the Vanderbilts were no good. They had deliberately set him up so that his
grandson would suspect him.

“This is so frustrating!”

Nolan chose to believe his grandfather in the end. After all, he wouldn’t do something like that.
However, if it weren’t his grandfather, then who could it be?

At Soul Jewelry Studio…

By the time Maisie stepped into her office, Nolan had been waiting for her on the couch. She was
dumbfounded for a while, but she soon came around to her senses and peeled her gaze away from

“What are you doing here?”

Slowly, ever slowly, Nolan rose to his feet and approached her. “Zee, I’ve asked my grandfather. It isn’t

Maisie did not reply.

Nolan grabbed her arms with both hands and pressed on, “You don’t believe me?”

“I believe you,” Maisie replied, but she did not look him in the eyes. “But it doesn’t mean anything.”

She animatronically lifted her head and looked at him like a marionette attached to strings. However,
there was no emotion in the depth of her eyes. “Maybe you should listen to your grandfather.”

“Maisie Vanderbilt!” Nolan snarled, his voice thick with anger. He would call her by her full name only
when he was angry.

He couldn’t stand her indifferent attitude anymore and said, “I’ve already told you before. Even if my
grandfather doesn’t agree with us being together, I’ll not give up on you. I’ll look into this matter.”

“Aren’t the people from the de Arma family the ones responsible for your mother’s death?”

Nolan was stunned when he heard what Maisie said. ..


The expression on his face right now proved that everything Rowena had told her was the truth.

“Nolan, maybe your grandfather is right. We shouldn’t

“Shut up!” Nolan growled as he grabbed her into his embrace. “Without my permission, I won’t allow
you to leave my side.”

When the person in his arms did not give him any response, it was only then he realized he might have
allowed his anger to get the best of him and startled her. He lowered his voice and said, “Believe me,

He cupped her cheeks with his hands and lifted her head. He looked at her intently with his deep
amber eyes and continued. “The de Arma family is different from you. The reason I didn’t tell you is that
I was worried about the impact it would have on you.”

Maisie looked into his eyes. She set her jaw tightly and didn’t say anything.

Nolan lowered his head and pressed his forehead against hers. With their warm breath intertwined
together in the tiny space between them, he pitched his voice low and said gently, “Believe me for

once, Zee.”

Maisie had to admit that she began to waver.

Perhaps just like Uncle Kennedy had once told her, she needed to follow her heart. Her eyelashes
quivered, and she answered, “Okay. I believe in you.”

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