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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 335

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Chapter 335

The smile in Nolan’s eyes deepened when he heard that she was willing to believe in him. He leaned
forward in an attempt to plant his lips on hers

Suddenly, something popped into Maisie’s head, and she raised her hand to stop him.

Nolan narrowed his eyes when his wife did not allow him to kiss her.

“Did you have anything to do with Willow in the Underground Freeway?”

Frowning, Nolan grabbed her hand and replied, “She asked for it. If not, I wouldn’t have thrown her to
the Underground Freeway. Why do you ask?”

Maisie pressed her lips thin and replied, “Do you still remember that Waylon and Daisie were attacked
on the Internet? She’s the main culprit.”

“Did you go to the Underground Freeway?” Nolan’s face sank.


How dare she go to a dangerous place like that alone? What if something happened to her?’

Maisie lifted her brows and replied, “She isn’t in the Underground Freeway anymore.”

Nolan was slightly stunned. He parted his thin lips and asked, “Did she escape?”

“Exactly. I asked Uncle Kennedy to help me look up the IP addresses of those Internet trolls. I
approached them one by one, and that’s how I found out that Willow was the mastermind. When I was
talking to her, I suspected that someone was helping her from the back again”

Nolan secured her in his arms, lowered his head to look at her, and said, “So you’d rather get help from
another man than me?”

Honestly, she did not know why either. Whenever she came across a problem, she would never seek
help from Nolan.


*Zee, I’m your husband, and I’ll support you no matter what happens,” he said as he kissed the back of
her hand. “I just wish that you could rely on me a little more too.”

Maisie stretched her arms and coiled around his neck. Seizing the opportunity while he was stunned,
she stood on the tips of her toes and kissed him

Her face flushed slightly after what she did: “I will. I promise you.”

The gentleness on Nolan’s face froze at the bottom of his eyes. He grabbed the back of her head and
planted a deep kiss on her lips.

‘I just can’t get enough of her!’s.

Rowena was standing outside of the door with her back against the wall. She had come to look for
Nolan, but she did not expect to run into something like this.

She bit her lips and thought, ‘Willow was exposed so soon? Hmph! What a useless woman!”

Since Maisie had not taken those words seriously, Rowena only needed to give her a little push.

Even though cyberbullying was not a good thing, both Waylon and Daisie had benefited from it. Not
only could they star in the same show with Helios, the best actor, but it was also revealed they were Mr.
Goldmann’s kids. Therefore, after the cyberbullying incident, both of them became extremely popular.

A lot of movie directors and kid commercials approached them, offering them plenty of opportunities. If
the assistant hadn’t. rejected some of them on the grounds that they were too young to take on so
much, they would have had a lot of work to do.

Daisie and Waylon were sitting inside the dressing room to get their makeup done. They were going to
shoot a commercial about” Gemini Reading Machine,” and they were reading the scripts that were
prepared for them. After their makeup was done, both of them walked into the photo studio under the
escort of Angela and two bodyguards to start shooting

When Daisie passed through a collection of equipment, a very heavy piece of lighting equipment
suddenly fell on her.


Angela hastily pulled Daisie away, and the lightning equipment landed on the ground with a loud bang
and crushed her foot.

Daisie was startled. She tried to help Angela, but the bodyguards pulled her to their back.

“Hurry up and save her!” All the available crew members on the scene rushed forward and lifted the
lightning equipment.

Angela’s foot was fractured, and her face tumed pale in pain.

When she saw Daisie was fine, she forced a smile onto her face and said, “Don’t worry about,”

However, she passed out before she could finish her sentence.

Waylon took advantage of the chaos and went behind the equipment by himself. Soon, he found
something fishy on the ground where the lighting equipment had been set up.

Emperor Entertainment Inc.


“You guys are there to shoot a commercial. How could something like that happen? Who is going to be
responsible if something happens to those two kids?”

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