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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 337

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Chapter 337

‘All these hidden dangers seem to revolve around one person+Maisie. It’s as if these incidents were all
directed at her.’

Nolan called Quincy again on his cell phone. “Get your *ss back here.”

Quincy froze. “But Elder Master Goldmann said,”

Nolan’s gaze tumed gloomy. “He won’t know a thing. I need you to come back and investigate

It was only after reading the news update that Maisie learned that Waylon and Daisie had run into an
accident when they were filming a commercial.

She had been supervising the renovation at Vaenna, so she rushed to the hospital from the company

Seeing that the two children were staying in the ward with Helios, she was slightly relieved.

“Mommy!” Daisie dashed and hugged her.

Maisie saw that her eyes were bloodshot as if she had cried and felt tormented. “Daisie, did you and
Waylon get frightened?”

“It was Angela who saved me.” Daisie pouted after she finished speaking. “Did I hurt Angela?”

Maisie stopped talking for a split second as her gaze landed on the unconscious person lying on the
hospital bed.

Angela had saved her kids, and Maisie was very grateful.

Imust thank her in person when she regains consciousness.

“Silly girl, if Angela is willing to save you, all you need to do is to remember the kindness that she’s
shown you and repay it when you’re all grown up.”

Maisie then held Daisie’s hand walked to Waylon’s side, and said to Helios, “Mr. Boucher, thank you for
taking care of these two kids for me.”

Helios chuckled “It’s okay. These two children have been targeted, and I couldn’t be at ease to leave
them to themselves in this ward”

“They’ve been targeted?”


Could it be that the accident that happened during the commercial shooting wasn’t an accident?

Helios took a glance at Waylon. “This boy has quite a keen mind and noticed that the equipment on the
set had been tampered with. Gemini Advertising Inc. has also provided me with the investigation

Maisie’s face tumed sullen.

‘So it’s really not an accident. Someone did it on purpose. It seems that they’re targeting my children,
but I’m their actual target. This incident resembles Dad’s assault incident.

‘However, even if Elder Master Goldmann wants to force me to break up with Nolan, there’s no reason
for him to do such a thing to the kids.

“Could it be Willow again?’

Maisie and Helios came out of the ward with the children and happened to run into Titus and Rowena,
who had come to the hospital.

She guessed that Titus should have seen the news too.

Titus’ face looked a little upset when he saw that she had brought her kids along with the child of the

He even reprimanded Maisie as soon as he opened his mouth, “I don’t know how you, as a mother,
think when it comes to this matter. You actually let your children get into an industry like showbiz and
almost caused them to be exposed to such an accident.”

Maisie did not speak.

‘I actually reflected on myself about the fact that I agreed to let them enter the entertainment industry.’

Rowena gave off a gentle smile. “Grandpa, don’t say that. I can see that Ms. Vanderbilt is very
distressed and cares for the children.”

“If she really cared, she wouldn’t have let her children enter the entertainment industry.”

As soon as Titus finished speaking, Waylon stood up with his small, sulky face. “We entered the
entertainment industry

voluntarily! You have no right to rebuke our mommy!”

Titus was stunned for a moment. Seeing how Waylon protected his mother, the more the little boy
resembled that brat, Nolan, who went against him in order to protect her.

Maisie felt helpless and patted Waylon’s shoulder. “Waylon, you can’t talk back to your great-
grandfather like this.”

“Hmph, I can live without my great-grandfather, but I can’t live without Mommy.”

Waylon sounded resolute and even glared at Rowena when he said that. Although he was young, he
could tell deep down what was more important in life. No one could replace his mother’s place in his

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