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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 338

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Chapter 338

Seeing that the kid had the guts to glare at her, Rowena tightened the fist that was placed behind her
back. She looked in the direction of the old man as if she was hoping that he could show his support
toward her.

Although Titus’ expression did not look too gleeful, he did not lose his head because the boy talked
back to him after all.

Helios could already see Titus’ dissatisfaction with Maisie in just a few minutes.

There was a faint smile hanging on his lips. “I can understand why Elder Master Goldmann doesn’t like
the entertainment industry, but since these two children have made this decision, you can’t just deem
that the choice they made was based on the instigation o f others. The children have their own
thoughts too, don’t they?”

A gleam of slyness flashed across Rowena’s eyes upon seeing that Helios was speaking up for Maisie.

‘Heh, this woman is really capable. Not only has she hooked up with Nolan, but she also has quite a
good relationship with Helios!



She smirked and asked, “Mr. Boucher, since when did you become so close with Ms. Vanderbilt?”

Titus was already dissatisfied with the gossip about Maisie and Helios that had appeared before this.


‘She’s given birth to multiple children with Nolan but still doesn’t know how to avoid suspicion.’

Thus, his expression became even worse now that Rowena had asked the question.

Helios answered before Maisie could even speak, “What does it matter whether we’re familiar with
each other or not?”

He explained slowly, “I grew up with Nolan, and I like these two kids very much. As for Ms. Vanderbilt,
she’s very talented and a woman worthy of admiration. However, I’still have a great sense of propriety
when I’m around my friend’s wife.”

The smile on Rowena’s lips narrowed slightly, but she did not speak. It felt like Helios’ words were
implying something else.

Is he reminding me that I have no sense of propriety?’

Seeing that the two children were safe and sound, Titus felt relieved and did not want to say anything
more so that a certain woman would not go to her grandson to badmouth him

“Let’s go back,” Titus tumed his head and said to Rowena. They then left together.

Rowena took a glance at them before catching up to Titus.

Maisie’s eyelashes twitched as the old man’s misunderstanding of her was growing deeper and deeper.

She turned to look at Helios. “Mr. Boucher, thank you.”

Helios smiled and nodded. “You’re welcome. I just said what I should say.

Daisie tugged at Helios’ sleeve. “Uncle Helios, does our great-grandfather dislike the entertainment

Waylon wrapped his arms. “It doesn’t matter if he likes it or not.”

Helios’ eyes turned a little gloomy as he looked at the little boy standing beside him. “Yes, because
your grandma was from the entertainment industry too.”

Maisie was astounded. It was said that Helios and Nolan had grown up together, but they did not seem
to interact with each other too much. “Mr. Boucher, do you know Nolan’s mother?”

Helios was startled for a moment before he said, “She was a very good artist and a great actress by

Maisie stared at him.

When Helios mentioned Nolan’s mother, a hint of genuine admiration and respect was beaming in his

Could it be… Is Nolan’s mother Helios’ idol?’

She seemed to have discovered the eighth wonder of the world.

‘It turns out that the big gun in the entertainment industry has an idol of his own too!’

In the night, at the Blue Bay villa…

The three rugrats, who had been brought over to the villa, were so delighted they could be with their
parents again that they were enjoying their meal.:

“Meals cooked by Mommy are still the best!” Colton and Daisie, who were still chewing the food in their
mouths, let out a satisfied voice.

Nolan stared at the three rascals sitting next to Maisie with his arms crossed. These three rugrats
always occupied his wife as soon as they came over.

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