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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 343

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Chapter 343

Coupled with the grudges between the de Armas and the Goldmanns, it’s even more impossible for me
to acknowledge the de Armas so casually.’

Titus’ expression looked a little surprised upon seeing that Maisie had taken a firm stand. However, it
soon disappeared.

He then said solemnly after a long time, “You better remember what you’ve said today. Otherwise, I
won’t let you go even if it means that my grandson will hate me for the rest of my life.”

Maisie was startled.

‘Is he saying that he’s changed his mind?’

She smiled and replied, “I’ll remember it.”

Mr. Cheshire sent Maisie to the door. He was happy for Maisie and Nolan when he heard that Titus had
acquiesced in their marriage.

“How are the kids doing recently?” Mr. Cheshire asked.

Maisie gave off a smile. “They’re doing very well.”

Mr. Cheshire then explained earnestly, “Actually, Elder Master Goldmann likes the three kids very
much. It’s just that he doesn’t know how to get along with them.

“After all, Elder Master Goldmann was too busy when he was young. Not only did he have no time to
take care of Mr. Goldmann Sr., but he also didn’t give the young Mr. Goldmann much chance to meet
his grandfather in person.”

Titus had had no time to take care of his son, so he rarely met his grandson too. Even if he loved
children, he did not know how to express it. Thus, he did not know how to maintain a good relationship
with them.

Maisie could understand the underlying meaning of his words. When she recalled that Titus had visited
the kids at the hospital to see if something had happened to them, it proved that the old man really
cared about the children.

Maisie left the Goldmann mansion in her car, but a car abruptly dashed out of the side at an

She turned the steering wheel and slammed on the brakes. A harsh screech sounded, but she collided
with it after all.

Fortunately, the speed of both cars was not fast, but a collision of this level would still damage the car.

Maisie sat in the car as she had yet recovered from the fright. She then pulled the handbrake, opened
the door, got out of the car, and walked toward the other car.

The man sitting in that car had not gotten out of his car, after all.

She knocked on the window, and the young man sitting in the driver’s seat lowered the window slowly.

Just as Maisie was about to speak, someone grabbed her throat from behind all of a sudden and then
covered her mouth and nose with a cloth.


Maisie grasped the man’s arm with her hand, smelled a pungent smell of a processed solution on the
cloth, and gradually lost her strength.

The two men who then got out of the backseat moved her into the car together.

The door closed, and the car fled the scene in a hurry.

Nolan came to Soul Jewelry Studio, and his brows were slightly creased when he realized that there
was no one in the office.

“Where did that woman go again?’

“Mr. Goldmann?” When Kennedy, who was walking toward the office, saw the figure standing outside
the door, he knew that he was there looking for Maisie.

Nolan turned around to look at him. “Where is she?”

“Zee answered a phone call and went out. She said she was going back to the Goldmann mansion.
Didn’t she tell you?”

‘She went back to the mansion?’

Nolan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

‘Could this be grandfather’s doing?

Thinking of something, he left hurriedly without replying to Kennedy.

Rowena met Nolan, who was in a hurry, and smiled. “Nolan, are you going,”

Nolan bumped her away as if he did not see her and resolutely walked out of the entrance.

Rowena, who was ignored and left behind on the spot, bit her lip. Just as she was doing so, she
received a text message on her cell phone.

When she read through the content of the message, the corners of her lips twitched coldly.

Nolan drove back to the Goldmann mansion. Mr. Cheshire was stunned when he saw that Nolan had
hurried back with a gloomy expression. “Mr. Goldmann, you,”

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