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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 348

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Chapter 348

Maisie inadvertently smiled upon hearing the promise from the man behind her. “You said it yourself.”

The next day…

Rowena got to the office and walked past a few employees gossiping at the front desk.

“Mr. Goldmann and Ms. Vanderbilt have been acting too sweet ever since they registered. They were
being secretive before this, but now they don’t even try to hide it anymore.” .

“There’s nothing to hide since they’re married now.”

*Mr. Goldmann really pampers her. I’m glad I shipped them!”

Rowena stopped in her tracks with a dark cloud over her head.

Rowena had lost contact with Willow the day before, so she could guess that she had failed. Luckily,
she hadn’t used her own phone to contact Willow. Even if Nolan investigated, it wouldn’t link back to

The elevator door opened, and she saw Maisie walking out, holding onto Nolan’s arm. They were really
not hiding anymore, just like what those women had been discussing.

When Maisie saw Rowena, she tumed her eyes and hugged Nolan’s arm lightly, smiling. “Honey, I want
to go on a date today.”

Nolan’s amber eyes squinted when he heard her calling him ‘honey’ out of the blue, then he realized
that her ‘change’ was because of Rowena

Hah, his pretty little wife was ‘possessive’. He looked at the woman next to him. “Hmm? Where do you
want to go?”

Maisie raised her brows. “Somewhere exciting.”

The coldness in Rowena’s eyes could not be hidden when she saw them being close without caring
about the people around them.

She walked toward them with a stoic face and looked straight at Maisie. “Nolan has a meeting in the
afternoon. You should care more about his work.”

“Really?” Maisie looked up at Nolan. “Didn’t you say that you have nothing on and can spend time with

Nolan nodded. “I did”

Rowena pursed her lips and said, “Nolan, but the meeting this afternoon,”

“Ms. Summers, you’re Noles’ special assistant, and Nolés is the owner of Blackgold. Can’t you carry on
with the meeting as his special assistant?” Maisie smiled at her.

Rowena held her fists.

“When it was Quincy, he did a lot of things for Noles. I understand how tough it has been for Noles.
After so much time, can’t he even have a day off?

“Furthermore, you shouldn’t call him by his name. People might think that you have something going on
with my husband.”

Maisie did that intentionally because hearing Rowena call him ‘Nolan’ annoyed her.

Rowena looked troubled but replied, “I’ve been doing this since we were kids. I’m used to it.”

“Change it. Noles is no longer single, and I’m his wife. I don’t like hearing you call him that.”

Maisie raised her brows. Even though she knew that she was getting on Rowena’s nerves, she really
didn’t care that much before this, but it was different now!


“Didn’t you hear what my wife said? Don’t call me that any longer.”

Nolan interrupted Rowena without caring about her feelings and left with Maisie with his arm around

Rowena froze on the spot and bit her lip hard. She would make Maisie regret one day! 1

At the underground parking lot… When Maisie was getting into the car, Nolan pulled her over, held her
against the car, and ran his finger over her chin.

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