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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 353

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Chapter 353

Nolan’s lips were tightly pressed. It was indeed Rowena who had brought him the photo that time.

So that photo was taken by Wynona?’ he asked himself. “Nolan,” Maisie called, pulling him out of his


“What happened?” she asked, staring at him straight with her clear eyes as she was surprised that he
would get distracted.

She then thought of something and said with a frown, “You didn’t have someone keeping an eye on me
secretly, did you?”

Nolan stroked her cheek with his hand and replied, “Cherie and Hans would inform me of anything that
happened to you at the training camp. However, Rowena was the one who told me about that thing
about you and Francisco.”


Maisie lowered her eyes.

‘So Wynona was Rowena’s “spy” in the training camp?’

Maisie realized why Rowena had wom the ring and had come to find her. It turned out that Rowena had
wanted to cause a misunderstanding between Maisie and Nolan because of the things that happened
between her and Francisco.

“Wynona’s death wouldn’t be related to her, would it?”


Although Maisie did not have the evidence, considering how close Rowena was to Wynona, it was truly
strange that she had not once mentioned Wynona after her death, treating her as if she had never
existed before.

Moreover, she had suspected that if Wynona was not the one who had released the pit viper into the
training camp, then it must be someone who intentionally framed Wynona. However, the only person
who knew that Wynona had had a bad relationship with her and also wanted most to get herself killed
by Wynona’s hand was…

Those friends of Wynona did not have a deep hatred for her, so they had no reason to put her to death.
If Maisie died, not only could the person successfully shift the blame to someone who had a bad
relationship with her, but they could also gain something from her death.

Who would benefit the most from her death, then?

Other than the woman who always bent over backward to break up her and Nolan, Maïsie could not
think of other people.

Nolan looked at Maisie for a moment and said, “You don’t suspect Rowenia, do you?”

“I know I shouldn’t, and it’s wrong for me to suspect her without any evidence,” Maisie said before
coming to a pause. “But I just can’t help it. There are too many mysteries about Wynona’s death, and
after putting together a few things, it’s hard not to suspect her.”

Indeed, Wynona’s death was suspicious, not to mention that she had died in an off-limits training camp.

If the “murderer” was inside the training camp, then the “murderer” must be very familiar with the
training camp to the point that they could freely enter and exit the training camp.

Wasn’t Rowena one of the members in the training camp?

Nolan lowered his eyes and said, “Whether or not it’s related to her, since she hasn’t exposed herself,
there’s nothing we can do about her. Besides, my grandfather trusts her a lot. Not to mention that she’s
a member of the Summers, and the Summers have been kind to the Goldmanns.”

Maisie lowered her head and covered her surges of emotions under her long eyelashes.

Nolan was right

Even if Rowena were the culprit, Titus would not do anything to her due to the relationship between the
Goldmanns and the Summers.

“However, there’s one thing that may have something to do with her.”

Maisie was stumped. “What is it?”

“It was Rowena who instigated my grandfather to see your father that day. I’m afraid she must have
said a lot of bad things about you in front of him,” Nolan said plainly as he lowered his head.
“Coincidentally, your father was attacked just after my grandfather left, and Willow has confessed that it
was a woman who told her to do that.”

After Nolan had shot Willow in her arms and legs, she had confessed everything to prevent herself
from being sent to the countryside.

Maisie’s face turned cold

That day, Willow had told her that she was the one who did everything, but she didn’t expect that there
was really someone behind

“So that woman is

Zee, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. I have a plan.”

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