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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 358

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Chapter 358

“Yeah, this little fella digs holes in the dirt of the flowerbed outside every day, making himself dirty.
Hence, I can only give him a bath every three or five times.”


Reddy stuck out its tongue and wagged its tail, staring at Maisie with its brown eyes as if it liked her
very much.

Stephen put down his teacup and said, “This fella was abandoned by its original owner. I saw it
wandering on the road pitifully and brought it back.

“I brought it to the veterinary hospital for a checkup, and this little fella is in good health apart from
some gastrointestinal discomfort, not any skin diseases. The original owner probably abandoned it
because they couldn’t keep it.”

Maisie rubbed the fur on its head.

No wonder kids like it. This furry little cutie is really addicting.

“Zee, what brought you here all of a sudden?”

Maisie put the dog down, walked up to the couch, and sat down. “The renovation of Vaenna is almost
done, so I’m here to ask you. If you’re still willing to take over the company, the position of the chairman
is still yours to hold.”

Stephen was stunned, and his eyes dimmed. “Since I’ve handed Vaenna to you, I’ve never thought of

Maisie said, “You don’t have to intervene, but the board still needs you, doesn’t it?” She then added, “I
still want you back at the company before you retire, not to mention that the company needs you too.”

Stephen thought for a while and looked at the little fella that was lying at his feet, yawning. “But there
won’t be anyone home to take care of him.”

“Hire a housekeeper, just like back then, so you won’t have to be too tired. You don’t have to worry
about the money needed to hire the housekeeper. Besides, I’ll be more relieved if there’s someone
here to take care of you.”

Seeing that Maisie was worried about him, Stephen gave off a smile. “Then I’ll leave it to you.”

He then thought of something and said with a solemn expression, “The day after tomorrow is your
mother’s death anniversary. You should go visit her.”

Maisie could not help but be startled

Mother’s death anniversary…

She would have almost forgotten about it if her father had not mentioned it to her.

She nodded: “Okay.”

At Blackgold Group..

Cherie exited the administrative office when Rowena, who was walking up to her, saw her…

She smiled. “Did Nolan look for you?”

“Yeah, Mr. Goldmann asked me to follow Maisie around in the future,” Cherie responded without any

Rowena frowned.

‘Nolan actually asked Cherie to follow Maisie around. Could it be that Cherie is being tasked to protect
Maisie? He really values that b*tch greatly!’

Cherie noticed that Rowena’s face did not look too gleeful. “Rowena, what’s the matter with you?”


Rowena restrained herself from showing too much of how she felt on her face, shook her head with a
smile, and asked in a mocking tone, “I’m fine. But aren’t you someone that’s always loved your
freedom? Why did you agree to do so?”

Cherie scratched her cheeks and answered, “Hah, I’m poor, and Mr. Goldmann will pay me money to
do this. Plus, I like Maisie a lot, and he’s just asking me to stay by Maisie’s side.”

Rowena did not speak anymore as she watched Cherie leave. Her expression gradually turned gloomy.

“That old couple better not let me down.’

Maisie saw Cherie waiting for her in boredom in the office when she returned to Soul Jewelry Studio.

Cherie got up with a smile when she saw Maisie’s arrival. “Maisie, you’re back!”

Maisie chuckled “Nolan really asked you to come here?”

‘Yeah, Ill be following you around from today onward. So, what do I need to do?” Cherie scratched her
head. If Maisie were to need her help, Cherie might not be of any help due to her clumsiness.

Maisie got to her seat and sat down. “You don’t have to do anything. Your time is yours to arrange.”

Cherie looked at her gratefully upon hearing this. “Maisie, you’re so kind! I suddenly feel like I’m a free
rider. I’m getting paid to do nothing at all, this is the dream of someone like me!”

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