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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 359

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Chapter 359

Maisie smiled awkwardly.

‘This girl is so simple-minded that she’s adorable.’

At this time, a female staff member knocked on the door in a panic, came in, and reported, “Ms. Zora, a
menacing couple is creating a stìr outside, looking for you!”

“Looking for me?” Maisie was flustered, then got up and followed her out to take a look, while Cherie
followed behind them.

“Get the one who’s in charge of this place out here, did you hear me!?” The woman and man clamoring
outside were both in their 40s and 50s, respectively. Although they did not look filthy rich, they seemed
well-off. Maisie stepped forward and asked, “Are the two of you looking for me?”

The woman took a glance at her and responded, “We’re Wynona’s parents.”

As soon as she said that Maisie and Cherie’s expressions looked obviously surprised.

Maisie smiled. “So it tums out to be Mr. and Mrs. Winters. Why don’t we go into a room for a chat?”

“Hmph! There’s no need to go into a room to chat. We’ll talk about it here today so that we can learn
about our daughter in front of everyone else.” Mrs. Winters behaved indifferently.

“We went to the training camp to ask for some details. They said that our daughter tried to hurt
someone and committed suicide in fear of the crime that she had committed. But we don’t believe it.

“We had to go through several people in order to find out that our daughter had gotten into a conflict
with you in the training camp.”

Cherie stepped forward to calm her down. “Mrs. Winters, you can’t really blame Ms. Vanderbilt for your

“She was forced into killing herself, so why can’t I blame her? My daughter had never done anything to
harm anyone, but she was suddenly imprisoned on the accusation of harming others in the training
camp, forcing her to commit suicide in the end!

“We’ve visited so many police stations over all these days only to demand justice for our daughter.”
Mrs. Winters pointed at Maisie, her eyes bloodshot due to the rage: “But the police don’t have the balls
to pick the case up, and I bet that it’s just because she’s Mr. Goldmann’s wife. However, can she act so
lawlessly just because of her status!?”

Everyone present was stunned. Although they knew that Maisie had been absent from the studio for a
while, they did not know where she went.

But after listening to the woman’s complaint, it seemed that something had happened to Ms. Vanderbilt
and her daughter?

Cherie stood in front of Maisie and said loudly, “I know how you feel as parents, but Wynona’s death is
still under investigation.

“We didn’t want to see such an incident happen in the training camp either, but Wynona is the person
who provoked the hostility between Ms. Vanderbilt and herself first. Your daughter had repeatedly
framed Ms. Vanderbilt in the first place, and yet, Ms. Vanderbilt still wants to locate your daughter’s
murderer, isn’t that enough?”

Mrs. Winters did not buy it. “How could our daughter frame someone? She was wronged by you guys!”

“You!” Cherie wanted to say something, but Maisie raised her hand to stop her.

Maisie walked up to Mrs. Winters and said earnestly, “Mrs. Winters, I can totally understand how you
feel, but something doesn’t make sense here. Who told you two that Wynona was forced to death?”.

Mrs. Winters was astounded. Her eyes flickered, but she still sounded very assertive. “That’s none of
your business! Anyway, someone did tell us that you guys had forced my daughter to death, and I’ll
never let this slide!”

Maisie’s expression turned sulky as she responded in a calm and bold tone, “I’m sorry, if you can just
talk about the matter calmly, we might be able to come up with a better solution for it. ..

“But I can give it to you straight at this moment if you choose to continue to come at me with such an
aggressive attitude. 1 “First of all, I don’t owe Wynona anything, and I haven’t done anything bad to

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