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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 360

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Chapter 360

“Secondly, Wynona had used multiple means to persecute me in the training camp and even tried to
frame me. I had already let these things slide.

“And thirdly, the cause of Wynona’s death is very strange. The police are still investigating whether it
was a suicide or a homicide case.

“But if you want to push all the blame onto me, I can only ask you to hire a lawyer before you talk to me
again. Of course, you may not get the result that you want if you bring the matter to court. And because
this has nothing to do with me, I’m a victim just like the deceased. Thus, if this matter is being forced
onto me, then I’ll definitely not take the blame without defending myself.” Maisie spoke loudly, and
everyone heard her clearly.

‘She wouldn’t be so confident if she was really involved in this matter.’

Mrs. Winters was obviously astonished and did not know what to say for a while.

Mr. Winters comforted his wife in embarrassment, “Oh my, we still have to discuss the matter with them
politely. There’s no need t o be in such a hurry.”

“You might be afraid of getting into trouble, but I’m not. My daughter is now dead What else should I
care about?” Mrs. Winters snorted. “All you rely on is the status that Mr. Goldmann gave you. You’re
confident that we won’t be able to sue you even if we want to because you’re Mr. Goldmann’s wife,
aren’t you?”

Mi. Goldmann’s identity is obviously up there in the social classes. Even if we want to sue her, can we
even manage to file a suit. against Mr. Goldmann’s wife?

However, we’ll give this up. This is just to make Maisie look like a bully by playing as people who don’t
have the background and power to resist her. Even if Maisie were to defend herself, it’d only look like
nothing more than sophistry. She will be blamed no matter what she does. She’s just a woman who
uses her status to force ordinary people like us into compromising.’

Maisie lowered her gaze and smiled. “Since you’re not willing to hire a lawyer, then tell me, what do you
want from me?”

Mr. Winters bowed and smiled “Mis Goldmann, we don’t mean to force you. It’s just that our daughter
can’t die in vain. She died in your training camp, and her death actually has something to do with you,

Mrs. Winters interrupted him and said bluntly, “You should at least compensate us for our loss,
shouldn’t you? No matter what, she’s the daughter that we had done so much to bring up, and she died
on your territory.”.

Cherie laughed angrily after listening to the Winters’ piece: “The training camp has already
compensated you, hasn’t it? But you still came here to ask for Ms. Vanderbilt?”


“This is rather crude, isn’t it? They came all the way, came up with loads of bullcrap, and even
suspected others, and now they’re asking for money?

“How can the compensation from the training camp be enough? We spent so much money on raising
our daughter. Now that my daughter is dead and it has something to do with Ms. Vanderbilt, why can’t
we ask her to compensate us?” Mrs. Winters rebuked her in reply.

Cherie rolled her eyes.

“This is obviously a scandal!’

Maisie chuckled and crossed her arms. “You’ve come to me to compensate you?” 1

“So what? My daughter’s death has something to do with you. What’s wrong with us coming here to
ask you for some compensation?” Mrs. Winters asserted, “Let me tell you, you will be ruined if we
make a fuss out of this matter and let everyone know about it, won’t you?”

Cherie scoffed.

‘I’ve never met any parents that could render me speechless. I actually believed that they were trying to
get their daughter justice, but it turns out to be for the money?’

Maisie raised her gaze and said coldly, “But before compensating you, shouldn’t you pay me for the
psychological trauma that I


“While I was in the training camp, your daughter had tricked me into a restricted area, and I almost died
because of that. She even slandered my relationship with Nolan, causing me to be criticized.”

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