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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 365

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Chapter 365

Maisie looked at Cherie. “If they were really instigated, they wouldn’t dare step out of line.”

If no one were instigating them, they wouldn’t know about Wynona and Maisie’s rivalry at the camp, nor
would they dare think that she had caused Wynona’s death. Thus, the person behind them must be
closely related to Wynona.

At Blackgold…

Nolan was on a call at his office desk. He looked at the file in his hand, and his eyes tumed dark.

“Keep your eyes on them. Also, look into Wynona’s parents. See who they have been in contact with


The person said something, and Nolan ended the call.

At the same moment, he received a text on his phone.

[Mr. Goldmann, Maisie has settled it!)

His eyes were a little less cold after reading Cherie’s text. His pretty little wife had settled the issue with
the two old people, and it was time he helped her settle something else.

The news about the accusation from the Winters was gone quickly. Even when people clicked on the
links, it would show that the content was no longer available.

Soon after that, a new topic was trending on Twitter.

#Maisie is innocent#

It was the fifth on the trending list, nothing too deliberate.

Some insiders from the camp spoke about the relationship between Wynona and Maisie and how
Maisie was the victim while Wynona was the aggressor.

Maisie had never hurt Wynona, but the latter always started something with her, causing Maisie to be
bullied and ostracized in the camp. Wynona had even asked her friends to boycott Maisie but was later
shamed by Maisie in retum.

Some people even posted Maisie’s results from the camp online. It proved that the training she had
gone through was the same as everyone else’s and hadn’t gotten special treatment because of her
relationship with Mr. Goldmann.

Once the post came out, it garnered a lot of attention online.

#I finally know why Mr. Goldmann married her. She’s pretty and cool!#

#Why was Wynona cocky enough to ostracize her? Maisie was just the boss’ wife pretending to be

#When the haters were being keyboard warriors, Zora was being an internationally known jewelry

At Blue Bay villa…

Maisie was sitting on the couch scrolling through Twitter on her tablet when she saw the ‘good husband
cooking in the kitchen. She laughed. “Nolan, did you cover the news about the Winters?”

Nolan was wearing a blueish-gray knitted cardigan with a white collared shirt. It was comfortable and

When Nolan heard Maisie’s voice, he took out the freshly cooked fish, put it on the plate, and
answered, “I just didn’t want my wife’s reputation ruined.”

Maisie put down the tablet and walked to the dining table. Nolan placed the food on the table.

Maisie raised her eyebrows. “I realized that it’s not bad at all to have a man who can cook.” Nolan
walked behind her and hugged her. “How will you reward me then?” The air he breathed out swept past
her ear, and it tickled.

She lightly shrugged and laughed drily. “We should eat first,”

Nolan cleanly gave her a kiss on her fair neck. “I’ll tell you some good news after dinner.”

“What good news?” Maisie turned to look at him, her curiosity piqued. Nolan tapped the tip of her nose.
“Let’s eat, or… I could eat you too.”

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