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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 368

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Chapter 368

That being said, Maisie still felt sorry for Nolan.

She stroked the back of his hand, lowered her eyes, and said, “Nolan, no matter what happens in the
future, I’ll not leave your side. Unless…”

‘Unless what?

Well, she hadn’t thought of that yet.

She did not know why she would say something like this all of a sudden. Perhaps, it was because
Nolan had tolerated everything of hers? She couldn’t tell.

In the past, she had been under the impression that Nolan was only a passerby in her life, and perhaps
he was only doing it for the sake of the three kids.

However, after spending so much time with him, she realized that Nolan was the one who had
contributed the most to their relationship

A smile appeared on the tip of Nolan’s lips as a surge of gentleness rose from the depth of his eyes.

“It took so much effort and time to get you to my side, so how is there any possibility I will push you
away? There’s really no way you can leave me either. Unless, of course, I die.”

There was no way he would let her get away from him.

Maisie snorted, shattering the heartfelt moment. “Don’t worry. You will live to a ripe old age.”

After that, she walked into the dressing room to get herself changed.

A hint of contentment filled Nolan whole as the corners of his mouth lifted while he looked at her figure
rummaging for clothes in the dressing room.

After all, regardless of her body or heart, she now belonged completely to him.

She wouldn’t be able to live without him, and he would not let her leave his side as long as he was

Maisie and Nolan went back to the Vanderbilt manor together. When Stephen saw Nolan, he was
stunned as well.

“Dad, can I take Noles to see Mom?” Maisie asked, offering her father an awkward smile. After all, she
had not told her father in advance that Nolan was coming with her.

Nodding, Stephen replied with a smile, “Of course, you can. After all, you two are married, and it’s only
right to take him to see your mother.”

Her mother’s grave was located in a cemetery near the mountain. Although it was in a remote area, it
was quiet and had a beautiful view.

Stephen remembered that Marina loved Iris Flowers very much. They carried the meaning of light and

Carrying a bouquet, Maisie walked up to her mother’s grave. She had forgotten how long it had been
since the last time she visited her mother.

“Mom, I’m here with Dad and my husband to see you.”

Nolan looked at her when she mentioned the word “husband.”

Maisie squatted down and put the flowers in front of the tomb. She then lifted her head to look at her
mother’s name and the engraved words on the tombstone. While she was talking to the tombstone,
Stephen and Nolan walked away.

Stephen lifted his head and looked into the distance. There was a forlorn expression on his face as he
said, “I didn’t expect Zee’s mother to be from the de Arma family.”

His words successfully made Nolan retract his gaze from Maisie. He tumed and looked at Stephen. He
knew that his grandfather had met with Stephen before, so he figured that he must have told him

“Father, you don’t have to take the things my grandfather said to your heart,” he said plainly.

Stephen nodded and said, “I understand. Even though your grandfather wanted me to break you two
apart, there’s no way I can do that to you two. I know how much you love Zee.”

Stephen turned his head to look at Nolan and continued. “When her mother was still alive until the day
she passed away, there wasn’t a single day that Maisie stopped worrying about her. I’ve neglected her
too much because of her mother, and I owe her a lot.

Therefore, I’m relieved since I know you’ll take great care of her.”

Nolan smiled faintly and replied, “I’ll take care of her, I promise you. However, can I ask you a

Stephen was stumped. “Sure. What is it?”

Nolan looked at Stephen and asked, “Do you know why Zee’s blood is so special?”

This was the only thing Nolan was worried about for he did not know if it would affect her or not.

ads we

Stephen was confused.

“Wait, what’s wrong with Zee’s blood?”

It appeared to Nolan that Stephen did not know anything about it. He shrugged it off with another
matter, and he hoped that Professor Leonhardt had discovered something about Maisie’s blood.

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