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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 369

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Chapter 369

Nolan walked up to Maisie and saw that she was sitting on her knees in front of her mother’s
tombstone with a gloomy look on her face. He placed his hands on her shoulders and looked at the

“Don’t worry, Mom. From now onward, I’ll take care of Zee for the rest of her life until death do us part.”

Maisie lifted her head and looked at him in surprise, but Nolan just raised his eyebrows as a response.

Nolan helped Maisie to her feet, and Maisie spun around to face Stephen. “Dad, do you have anything
to say to Mom?”

Stephen was stumped for a moment. His lowered face was filled with the scars of the vicissitudes of
life. He looked at the tombstone for a while before smiling bitterly. “Nope. I’ve already told her
everything I want to say in my heart.”

By the time Maisie returned to her studio, she saw that Cherie was pacing nervously in the corridor.
She walked up to her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

When Cherie saw her, she became even more flustered and said, “The cops have found something
about Wynona’s death, and… it seems like she really didn’t commit suicide.”

So Wynona was framed and became someone else’s scapegoat!’

Maisie was not surprised with the outcome. “I’ve more or less guessed it.”

“The person who framed Wynona is dead as well. He killed himself.”

Maisie fell into a long silence after hearing what Cherie said.

Cherie then continued. “Fortunately, we can confirm that person’s identity. He was one of the training
camp members, but he left some years ago. Therefore, he was very familiar with the camp. It’s just that
we still haven’t figured out how he got into the training camp. However, other than a few of us with high-
level authority, who else can bring an outsider into the training camp?”

Cherie couldn’t imagine there was a “mole” amongst the high-level supervisors.

At the administrative office.

Rowena walked up to Nolan’s office desk holding a document and gave a summary of the contents of
the project at the meeting with Nolan.

Nolan closed the document and asked with a cold face, “Is Wynona your friend?”

Rowena was stunned and seemed a bit surprised that he would suddenly ask about Wynona.

That said, she did not allow her true emotions to escape to her face. She just gave out a faint smile and
replied, “You can say we’re acquaintances. Why are you asking me this, Nolan?”

Nolan put the document on the desk, his eyes deep like two black holes. Then, he asked apathetically,
“You’re the only one who knew that Wynona was not on good terms with Maisie, right?”

Rowena tightened her grip on the document. She bit her lips and answered, “Of course not. Everyone
in the training camp knows about the relationship between Wynona and Ms. Vanderbilt.”

“Wynona is dead, and her parents are dead too. Since you’re an acquaintance of hers, why don’t you
feel sad?”

Nolan had never once raised his head to look at her. His voice was cold, as if he was just asking a very
simple question.

Lowering her head, Rowena said, “Even if I’m sad, there’s nothing I can change…”

Nolan’s hand that was gripping the pen froze. He lifted his eyes and glanced at her coldly before
opening the document and signing it. “If there’s nothing else, then get out of my office. Don’t disturb

Rowena turned around and left the office. When she closed the door, her face turned grim.

As Rowena walked back to her office, she passed by the strategic department and heard a staff
member ask, “It has been almost a week since Meryl came to work, right?”

Another staff member took a sip of water from her cup and replied, “I think so. I heard she has

“Resigned? That’s impossible. If she has already resigned, then she should’ve taken all her belongings
with her.”

Both of them then tumed to look at the desk that still had many personal items on it.

Rowena hastily returned to her office and placed the document on the desk. As if something popped up
in her head, she pulled her

phone out and sent a text message. [Nolan has started to get suspicious. You guys have to find a way
and leave Bassburgh as soon as possible.)

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