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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 372

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Chapter 372,

“They won’t leave anyone alive.” Nolan looked at her. “Do you want to lure the culprit out from behind
the curtain?”

Maisie smiled slowly. “Are you confident?”

Maisie felt the warmth of his palm on her waist and watched as he lowered his gaze and chuckled. “It’s
worth a try.”

At the administration department…

Several employees who ordered takeout gathered around to gossip in the break room. “Have you
heard that the couple who caused Mrs. Goldmann trouble a few days ago has died in a car accident?”

“Of course. I heard the employees on the 16th floor say that the couple was shameless enough to
blame Mrs. Goldmann for their daughter’s death and asked Mrs. Goldmann for compensation.”

“Yeah, it was clarified a few days ago. I feel that Mrs. Goldmann had been inexplicably wronged What
is that woman’s name, Wynona, right?”

Rowena happened to hear the conversation inside when she passed by the break room, and her
footsteps froze in place when she heard the name “Wynona”.

She peeped inside through the creak of the ajar door and discovered it was a conversation that was
happening between several female staff members who were eating their lunches.

“Who do you think Mrs. Goldmann provoked? She’s been running into quite a lot of turmoil recently.
And that couple, they really deserve it. It’s their retribution if they’ve run into an accident.”

“Let’s end this topic already. Anyway, hasn’t that man been rescued? I heard that his wife died on the
spot, but he survived that. Just how lucky can he be?”

Rowena’s hand that was holding documents could not help but tighten while her expression turned cold
and stern all of a sudden.

‘D*mn it! Those incompetent b*stards actually let that old geezer live!

‘The old geezer has already seen my face. He mustn’t live!

At Soul Jewelry Studio…

Cherie dashed toward Maisie’s office and opened the door. “Maisie, this is bad, the Winters…”

But the first thing that caught her eyes before she could finish speaking was the sight of Nolan feeding
Maisie food in the office.

Cherie was immediately petrified in place. 2

‘I seem to always come at the wrong time, right?’

Maisie withdrew the fork that he used to feed her from his hand with extreme embarrassment.

Thank God we were only eating and not doing anything else!’

Nolan glared at Cherie. The dissatisfaction of being interrupted was clearly displayed on his face,
causing Cherie to sweat immediately and give off an ear-to-ear grin. “Then I’ll come back later.”

“Get your *ss in here!”

“Yes!” Cherie entered the office, sat on the couch, and started blabbering, “Mr. Goldmann, Maisie, how
can you still eat so carefreely here? The Winters have run into an accident, and the news is now

spreading in the company like a wildfire.”

“We already know that.” Maisie took a sip of the soup from the bowl, then smiled. “So just let the
rumors do their job. All we need to do is to wait for the results.”

Cherie could not help but wonder. “What results are we waiting for?”

Maisie was about to say something when Nolan rubbed his brows casually. “Go to Quincy, and you’ll
know what to do.”

“Oh,” Cherie responded, got up, and exited the room.

: Maisie turned to look at him. “Why didn’t you let me tell her?”

Nolan grabbed a pinch of her hair with his fingertips and fondled it: “Cherie isn’t very well-prepared for
the people who are close to her. Thus, she might tell others if we were to tell her now.”

“That implies that Cherie has no guard against Rowena, so if she happens to know about the plan and
Rowena happens to ask her about something, she might tell her everything.

‘Hence, he sent her to Quincy. He may teach her a thing or two.’

Maisie sneered. “Wouldn’t it be a disadvantage to Cherie if she was allowed to leave for society?”

Nolan looked at her. “Certain sufferings are inevitable, and she’ll learn that people’s hearts are sinister
when she has suffered enough. However, you don’t have to worry about her. She still has Quincy and
Hans. She’s not in the position to suffer too much.”

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