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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 370

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Chapter 370

Golden Lounge…

There were hardly any people in the lounge during the day, and only a few tables of customers were

Maisie followed the waiter and came to the table where Erwin was waiting for her.

“Uncle Erwin.”

Erwin was holding a bottle of limited edition Conti in his hand while checking the production dare. When
he saw Maisie, he put the wine back into the gift box.

“Maisie, you’ve come.”

After Maisie took her seat, she glanced at the wine beside him and asked, “Is it a gift from someone

Erwin chuckled and replied, “Yeah. It’s a gift from an old friend of mine who just came back from
overseas. He just left not long


After that, he lifted his head and looked at Maisie. “So, what brings you here today?”

Resting her head on her hands, Maisie replied, “I’m here to thank you for your help.”

Erwin smirked. He ordered a cup of coffee from the waiter and pushed the wine aside. “Alright, don’t
beat around the bush. Tell me what you want.”

Maisie put her hands down and sat upright. “Today is my mother’s death anniversary.”

Erwin was stunned for a moment after hearing that. He let out a sigh softly. “I’ve forgotten about it. It
has been so many years since your mother died.”.

“Uncle Erwin, Mrs. Lucas told me that my mother died from a strange illness. Can you tell me what kind
of strange illness she had?”

A dark glint crossed Erwin’s eyes. After the waiter served the coffee, he pushed the cup to Maisie and
said, “Zee, I can’t tell you about this for the time being.”

“That’s what you always say each time.” : “This is for your own good.”

Erwin looked at her, his face stern. “Your mother asked me to take care and protect you before she
died, so I have to keep my promise.”

Maisie pressed her lips tightly. She picked up the cup of coffee and took a sip.

Erwin looked outside the window, his eyes glazed over with forlom. “I’m not kidding about what I said
before. There are some things that are not good for you to know now.”

After all, she was in a relationship with Nolan.

Confused, Maisie asked, “Why?”..

Erwin sighed softly. “There are too many things involved that are not good for you, especially since we
can’t let anybody know about your special blood.”.

“My blood?”

Maisie was stunned. She suddenly remembered the things that the doctor had said to her in the
hospital after Leila’s attack.

“Uncle Erwin, is my blood really that special?”

If not, why would the doctor ask whether she had received any kind of injection before in her life?
However, she had no memory of i t at all.

Erwin nodded. “Let me ask you a question. You’ve never had any serious illness when you were a
child, right?”

Maisie was stunned.

Maisie realized that she indeed had never had any serious illness since she was a kid.

When I was a kid, the people around me would fall sick or catch a cold from time to time, but I had
never had a cold or fever.’

When she was in college, there had been a disease outbreak that year. Most of her roommates had
fallen sick and had been absent from classes save for her.

“Uncle Erwin, do you know why my blood has become like this?”

In the past, she did not feel strange at all. This was because she thought she had a healthier body than
other people, and it was just luck that she hadn’t been infected.

However, after listening to what Erwin said, she became even more curious about her blood.

Erwin lowered his eyes and said, “All I can tell you is that it has something to do with the illness that
your mother had. It’s just that you’re luckier than your mother. This is because once you get infected,
even with the medication, the chances of genetic infection are greater than 50%.92

“Genetic infection?’ Maisie’s fingertips trembled as she held the cup.

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