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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 373

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Chapter 373

Maisie placed her hand on Nolan’s shoulder. “Is Quincy ready now?”

Nolan raised his eyebrows. “What do you think?”

That night…

No one was guarding outside the ICU ward of the hospital

When the nurse on duty was doing her rounds, she saw a doctor walking by and greeted him.

The doctor nodded at her and walked toward the ICU ward.

When he arrived at the door of the ward and saw the nurse walking away, he pushed the door open
and entered. He then saw the person lying on the bed through the faint light from outside the ward,
walked up to the bed, and took a bottle and syringe out of his pocket

He pricked the needle into the infusion bag, and just as he was about to squeeze the syringe and let
the liquid inside seep into the bag, the light of the ward was turned on abruptly. He turned his head
instantly, and Cherie had already punched him to the ground.

Quincy asked the bodyguards behind her to subdue him on the ground and tore off his face mask.

The man looked sulky as he glared fiercely at them. “It’s you?”

Quincy took a glance at his watch, and the corners of her lips were raised. “I didn’t expect that you
really wouldn’t give up when we deliberately leaked the news.”

The man understood something and was astonished.

This is a trap!

Quincy said to the others, “Take him away.”

At Blue Bay villa…

Nolan received a message from Quincy.

[Sit, the man is being held at Summer Pavilion)

Maisie had just finished taking a shower, and her hair was still wet when she came out of the bathroom.
She wrapped herself up in a towel and saw him looking at his phone. “Have they done it?”

Nolan curled his lips. “Yes, the fish really took the bait.”

“They want to take Mr. Winters’ life in such a hurry. It seems that Mr. Winters really knows a secret?”
She walked toward the dresser and picked up the hair dryer to blow her hair.

‘If Mr. Winters didn’t know anything, the other party wouldn’t have to get rid of him no matter what.’

Nolan did not answer as his gloomy eyes landed on her body. She was wearing a black lace
nightdress, and her action of brushing her hair when blowing her hair was extremely attractive and

The graceful figure was enough to make his lust boil. 1

Her hair was only half-dried when Nolan appeared behind her, hugged her, and grabbed her hair dryer
from her.

“Nolan, I’m drying my hair, you—”

Nolan tugged her long hair with his fingertips, and his voice sounded bewitchingly low. “Using a hair
dryer harms the quality of your hair.”

Maisie was astounded. She stared suspiciously at the man standing behind her in the mirror and
questioned, “I don’t think that’s what you’re thinking, am I right?” ..

A chuckle came from above her head, and his hand..

“It seems that you’re starting to know me better.” Nolan leaned over and kissed her shoulder and back.

After a while, Maisie was turned to face him, standing wobbly on one foot. She would have fallen if it
was not for the dressing table behind her. “Wait, aren’t we going,”

“Don’t worry, there’s time.”

Nolan occupied her willfully and recklessly. His gloomy eyes did not want to miss any of her intoxicating
expressions. She frowned slightly. It was a rather bloody scene, but she did not show her disgust. A
coat was then placed on her shoulders.


The man in black punched the man’s stomach so hard that the man yomited there were even traces of
blood in his vomit. Perhaps Nolan did not want her to see such a cruel scene, so he reached out and
rubbed the top of her head “Zee, why don’t you wait for me outside?”


Maisie followed Nolan into the private room and happened to witness the scene in which the man was
being beaten up.

At the private club, Summer Pavilion. “F*ck, do you still want to act so stubbornly?

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