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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 378

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Chapter 378

Maisie pressed her lips together. Ever since Nolan had leaked information to Rowena, they had
determined that she was related to those issues.

When Maisie had tried to fool her with the picture of the man, Rowena panicked and admitted that the
person she had sent over wasn’t the one they were talking about and couldn’t be sure if he was caught.

It was obvious that she was the reason Titus had shown up.

Titus frowned. “It’s just a small issue. There’s no need to turn it into this.” He still trusted Rowena.

Nolan’s eyes were stern. He laughed. “Is murder a small issue?” It was thetorical

Titus’ expression changed as he looked at Rowena.

Rowena tried really hard to deny it and explained, “Grandpa, I didn’t. I’ve always been by your side.
You know who I am!” What she meant was she would never do something to hurt someone.

Titus hesitated, but he remembered that Rowena had been by his side for the past few years and had
never done anything out of line or anything too suspicious. Thus, he felt that it was just his grandson’s
bias toward her, and he took a step back to compromise. “If you don’t like Rowena being by your side,
just bring Quincy back.”

Rowena looked down, and hatred flashed across her eyes. She no longer cared if she could stay by
Nolan’s side. They had set a trap for her and had been suspecting her all this time.

She was lucky that Titus still believed in her, but she couldn’t just sit around. Now that the truth had
been revealed, she couldn’t stay around any longer

Nolan was expressionless, seeming to have guessed the outcome. His expression was dark, and he
didn’t say anything.

Titus asked Rowena to go outside before him and sternly said to Nolan, “Rowena grew up with us, so
no matter the reason for your disdain for her, you have to treat her nicely for the sake of Uncle

Nolan’s expression remained the same. “Yes, the Summers were nice to have brought you up, but I
don’t owe anything to them. I . don’t have to treat them nicely.” He didn’t care about respecting them.

“You-“Titus choked, thinking that Maisie had instigated this. He stared at her and left the office.

Maisie was helpless. Had she been turned into the instigator now?

Nolan walked toward her and took her into his arms. “Feeling sad?” He was referring to the outcome of
the situation,

Maisie knew Titus would speak up for Rowena, but she didn’t expect him to trust her fully. “A little.”

He held her chin up with his finger and caressed her lips. “We’re not totally at a loss.”

Maisie paused. They hadn’t suffered a total loss because they had at least found out that Rowena was
behind all that and the clue that Mr. Winters and the other man had.

Nolan looked at her. “Do you want to go visit Mr. Winters at the hospital with me?”

Mr. Winters had been transferred to a private hospital in secret. Maisie, who was there with Nolan,
looked toward the ward, “Hasn’t Mr. Winters woken up yet?” …..

Quincy shook his head, “Not yet. The doctor said it’s all up to him whether he wakes up or not.”

Maisie didn’t say anything, but she heard Nolan ask, “Have you found anything about that man’s

Quincy paused, then answered, “Yes, but the odd thing is, both his parents are no longer around. He
went through a divorce and has no close friends. He wasn’t trying to protect anyone as Ms. Vanderbilt
suspected.” Maisie lowered her head to think. “Did I make a mistake?”

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