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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 381

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Chapter 381

The smell of rain on Nolan’s body, coupled with the faint Gucci cologne and the minty smell of tobacco
on his cloth, rushed to Maisie’s nose.

“I’m sorry for making you worry about me.”

Maisie pushed him away softly. “What are you guys doing here? Did someone get hurt?”

Quincy scratched the tip of his nose and replied, “Well, someone did get hurt, but it’s not us.”

Maisie was stumped. She lifted her head and looked at Nolan.

Nolan lifted his brow.


When she heard the voice, Maisie turned her head and saw Titus and Rowena were rushing into the
hospital. –

A hint of surprise crossed Rowena’s eyes when she saw that Nolan and the others were fine. However,
it soon disappeared, and she” asked softly, “Are you alright, Nolan? Elder Master Goldmann heard that
you guys nearly got into an accident, so he rushed here to check on you all.”

Nolan did not look at her. He tumed to Titus and said, “I’m fine.”

Titus heaved out a long sigh of relief inwardly when he saw that Nolan was fine. Harrumphing coldly, he
asked, “Can you tell us what happened now?”

“Elder Master Goldmann, when Mr. Goldmann and I were on our way back, we were trailed by two
cars. Those two cars surrounded u s, and we nearly crashed our car when I tried to outflank them. We

didn’t expect they would crush their car first, so we rushed them to the hospital,” Quincy replied.
Rowena trembled, and her fingertips turned pale.

Titus was stunned.

“Why would someone suddenly follow you guys? Have you found out who did it?”

Quincy sighed. “They’re still unconscious. Mr. Goldmann and I are thinking of staying back and asking
them about it when they wake up later.”

Maisie lowered her head.

– –

Who the hell would have the guts to ambush Nolan?’

When Maisie felt a surge of warmth on her hand, she jerked her head around. It was Nolan. He
grabbed her hand and started writing something on her palm with his finger. She then calmed down.

Meanwhile, the doctor approached them. “Mr. Goldmann, the patients are awake now.”

“Okay,” Nolan replied as he nodded.

He turned around and walked toward the ward. Maisie, Titus, and Quincy followed suit.

After they got into the ward, Quincy tumed his head around to look at Rowena and asked, “Rowena,
are you not coming in?”

Rowena’s shoulders were shaking as she bit her lips tightly. She smiled weakly, and her footsteps felt

She did not understand why things would tum out this way and why her men had gotten into an
accident instead.

Just what kind of useless pieces of shit has Stone sent to do the job? They can’t even do one thing
right. Fortunately, I didn’t let Stone do it. Otherwise, I’d be done for!

The person lying in the ward was covered in bandages, leaving only his eyes, mouth, and nostrils
exposed to the air. He was confined by a cast and unable to move.

Quincy approached him and asked, “Who sent you?”

The person swiveled his eyes and looked at Rowena.

Rowena’s pale face tumed even paler. Titus looked at her, and she hurried to speak. “There’s no way I
would harm Nolan! It wasn’t m


After that, she glared at the man and shouted, “I don’t know you, so why are you doing this to me?”

*D*mn it! What the hell is going on with Stone?’

She had told Stone to instruct them to say the de Arma family had sent them. If everything had gone
well and Nolan was hospitalized tonight, they could shift all the blame to the de Arma family. As such,

Titus would definitely suspect the de Arma family along with what had happened to those two b*stards.

Besides, she had mentally prepared herself.

If they sold Stone out, she had a way to prove that she had nothing to do with Stone. It was just that
she did not expect something like this to happen, and she even started to suspect whether Stone had
betrayed her!

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