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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 389

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Chapter 389

The lights in the room were turned on.

The man narrowed his eyes and stared fixedly at Quincy, who came in with a laptop.

“… I won’t give you sh*t.” Even though he was starving and could no longer bear the hunger, he still
held on to his promise.

Quincy replied, “I didn’t come here to get any information out of you.”

The man was stunned, but he was so exhausted that he did not want to talk more.

Quincy pulled a chair over, sat down, and placed a bottle of mineral water that he brought along by his
feet. “It doesn’t matter if you want to disclose the information. After all, someone will speak up even if
you don’t give us anything.”

The man stared at the bottle of water, and his already pallid face tumed completely bloodless. He felt
like a fish that was about to die from thirst in a desert. His desire to get his hand on the water bottle
was so intense that his throat hurt when he swallowed his saliva

Quincy tumed on the laptop and tumed the screen to him. “I wonder if this person shares the same
backbone as you.”

The man’s pupils constricted slightly as he completely froze in place.

He’s your younger brother.” Quincy smiled and moved the bottle of mineral water to a position where
the man could reach. “Mr. Goldmann has found out about him and intends to interrogate him.”

The man was feeble and spoke with difficulty all of a sudden. “Consider me unlucky that I got caught by
you. But please let him go, he’s being forced into doing this too. I can’t give the person up, he’ll die.”

Quincy smiled “Don’t worry, Mr. Goldmann won’t do anything to him, but I can’t say the same for that
person already.”

Quincy already knew very clearly deep down who that person was.

The man fell into a trance, looking depressed. It was clear that he was in a panic.

Quincy closed the laptop lid and stood up. “Mr. Goldmann admires your character, but it’s unfortunate
you’re working for the wrong person You have a partner named Stone, am I right?”

A hint of surprise flashed across his eyes. He had been under the impression that everything would be
over as long as he kept his mouth shut ever since he got captured. Unexpectedly, they still found out
about it.

He could not hide anything anymore, so his dry lips moved. “Yes, Stone and I are both Ms. Summers’
subordinates. He’s always been working for Ms. Summers and is very loyal to her. He brought me
along and introduced me to Ms. Summers to work under her.”

“You guys bought the woman from the Underground Freeway. Which of you has been contacting her all
this while?”

“It’s Stone and Ms. Summers.”

Quincy continued to ask, “So, why did you have to kill the Winters?”

He swallowed and replied, “It’s because Mr. Winters had seen Ms. Summers’ appearance the other
day, and Ms. Summers was worried that Mr. Winters would reveal her identity. Ms. Summers wanted to

keep their mouths shut, so she got us to lie to them, saying that we would send them back to their
hometown. We would then create an accident on the way.”

After asking all those questions that needed to be asked, the video recording that was displayed on the
laptop’s screen was saved with the press of a key. Quincy then closed the laptop lid and got up.

The man stood up and pleaded with his dry voice, “Can you… let my brother go.”

Quincy stopped moving forward and turned around to look at him. “It depends on what the police say. If
you want to save his life, it’s best to advise him to get off the grid for a few years.”

The man had no complaints. As a hired gun, he understood that he would lose his life at any time-going
to jail could be considered an easier way out.

Quincy exited the Summer Pavilion, got into the car, took out his cell phone, and called Nolan. “Sir, he’s
confessed. Everything’s ready.”

Nolan sat on the couch, buttoning his shirt. He then put his phone on the desk and turned on the
loudspeaker, “Well, send someone to secretly keep an eye on the training camp and set in motion our
trap as soon as the prey appears.”

He looked back at Maisie, who was so tired and asleep, and stretched out his hand to brush away the
messy strands of hair that

were scattered on her face. The residual warmth on her cheeks had yet to subside, and she looked
flushed and enchanting.

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