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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 386

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Chapter 386

Whether Hernandez’s words were a threat or a warning, they were not threatening enough to instill fear
in Maisie.

She said with a smile, “Don’t worry, Sir Hernandez. Even if the whole world becomes Nolan’s enemy, at
least I won’t do so.”

Maisie did not want to stay back for the meal, so she bid farewell to the two of them and walked out of
the restaurant, where he met Rowena and Titus.

Rowena did not seem to care about what had happened last night and glanced at Maisie with a cold
smirk on her face. “What a coincidence, Ms. Vanderbilt. Did you meet someone here for a meal?”

Maisie pursed her lips and gave off a smile. “Yeah, I’ve finished the meal, so I’ll take my leave first.”

*Titus is here, so I won’t be able to defend myself alone when Louis and Hernandez appear and with
Rowena fanning the flames.’.

She nodded at Titus politely and was about to leave, but Rowena grabbed her arm. “Why are you in
such a hurry to leave? I’m here with Grandpa for brunch. As Grandpa’s granddaughter-in-law, it’s not
too over to have you stay back and accompany Grandpa for a meal, right?

“Moreover, I sincerely wish to apologize for the things that I’ve done to you before this, so please do me
a favor and stay back for a meal with us?”

Maisie’s expression looked complicated.

It’s obvious that Rowena deliberately doesn’t want to let me go. Could it be that she knows who I came
to see? I’d be putting Titus to shame if I were to reject her here.’

Titus did not want to wait anymore and said to Rowena before Maisie could say anything, “Since she’s
eaten, there’s no need to force her to stay back. It’s just a meal. There’s no need for so many people.”

It seemed that Titus was still regarding her as an outsider.

Maisie was about to speak when Louis and Hernandez walked out of the private room.

Rowena gave off a vague hint of smugness through her triumphant gaze.

Titus’ expression changed drastically when he saw Hernandez, and his eyes tumed stem and gloomy.

Hernandez walked boldly forward with his cane. “I didn’t expect that I would get to see your hypocritical
face as soon as I arrived in Zlokova, Titus Goldmann”

Titus’ aura did not lose to that of Hernandez. “Yes, I’m showing an insignificant man like you a lot of
respect just by showing up here.”

There seemed to be an invisible and powerful pressure exuding from the two of them as if a fight would
break out at any time. Any form of incitement at the moment would cause earth-shaking and mountain-
shattering outcomes.

Maisie pursed her lips as she caught the meaning behind Rowena’s treacherous expression and
realized that she had indeed been waiting for this moment.

‘She knows about the grudge between Titus and the de Armas, so she single-handedly created this
encounter deliberately? But how did she know that I would meet Hernandez here?’

Fortunately, Louis discovered the changes in Maisie’s expression and walked up to Hernandez’s side.
“Grandfather, we should go back already.”

“Let’s go.” He snorted coldly, ignored Titus’s existence, and left with Louis.

After seeing them walking away, Rowena’s gaze shifted onto Maisie, who had a sulky face, and the
corners of her lips curved upward coldly. “So you’re here to meet Mr. de Ama?”

Maisie knew that Rowena was doing it on purpose, suppressed the coldness in her eyes slightly, and
grinned. “Sir Hernandez did ask me out to talk about something, but that doesn’t mean anything, does

Rowena replied casually, “You were here to talk about things? Should I hope that you weren’t talking to
him about how you can make a move on Nolan?”

Maisie’s gaze turned even colder.

Titus was already very upset about running into Hernandez, and when it was coupled with the fact that
Maisie had met Hernandez before this, he was even more piqued at Maisie. “It seems that you didn’t
listen to what I said back then.”

“Grandfather, I won’t forget the promise that I made you. Just because I met Sir Hernandez doesn’t
mean I’m standing with the de Armas

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