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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 392

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Chapter 392

Nolan sent a text message to Quincy. After a while, Quincy found something and replied to him.

Nolan threw his phone on the table and asked, “Is it this woman?”

The man took a look at the phone and nodded.

Maisie took the phone and looked at the female staff member.

‘Isn’t she Meryl from the administrative department? What has she done to make Rowena send
someone to kill her?’

Maisie looked at Nolan and asked, “How did you know it’s her?”

Nolan then replied flatly, “She has been absent from work for a few days, so it isn’t hard to get her

Meryl had not been coming to work and without giving any reason on top of that. None of her
colleagues knew where she had been, and neither could they get through to her. Her stuff was still on
her desk, and the administrative department manager had told Quincy about it. Therefore, Nolan knew
she must be the one the man was talking about

The man added, “Stone killed her, and I was the one who got rid of her corpse. I brought her dead body
to the suburbs and buried it i na forest

Maisie pressed her lips tightly. After a long while of silence, she looked at him and asked, “Are you
guys not worried about getting retribution for your actions?

The man scoffed. “She gives us money, we work for her. That’s how our world works. We can barely
keep ourselves alive, so why should we be worried about the so-called retribution?”


He took another drag from the cigarette and continued. “I admit that I have killed people and that I’m
definitely not a good soul. I might end up dying beside the street one day, but as long as it doesn’t
affect my brother, I wouldn’t mind if I were imprisoned or got the death penalty.”

Maisie clenched her fist tightly. The man in front of her was not entirely cold blooded Had the world
been nicer to him, he wouldn’t have to go down such a path. She could see that he cared about his
brother a lot. After all, blood was thicker than water.

Nolan looked at him and asked, “Stone was one a member of the training camp. If my memory serves
me right, he was from the batch that attended the assessment to join the headquarters.”

The man was stumped for a while before nodding. “Yes. Stone is strong. All of the people who have
been under him before admire him a lot. He’s very loyal to Ms. Summers, and he would introduce
people he trusts to Ms. Summers, and I’m one of them. Honestly, I didn’t know Stone’s identity in the
beginning. I just knew that he came from a powerful organization, and it was only until later that I
learned that he worked for the Goldmanns. As for why he would follow Ms. Summers, I guess he loved

Half of the cigarette in the man’s hand had turned cold “All of us could see it. Stone was fiercely loyal to
Ms. Summers, and the way he looked at her was different from how he looked at other people.”

Unfortunately, Rowena just treated him as one of her pawns. Otherwise, she would not have killed him,
the man who had been by her side for the longest time.

In Rowena’s perspective, these people were her pawns that could be disposed of at any time.

The street was slowly filled with the lamps’ neon lights that lit up one after another. The car was running
at a steady pace on the road.

Maisie looked at the street through the window, sinking into deep thought. It was only when a warm
hand clutched at her cold hand that she snapped back to reality.

“What’s on your mind?”

Nolan slowed the car down. He held her with one hand, his eyes still looking ahead.

Maisie laughed. “Nothing. I just find it funny that Rowena has been staying by your grandfather’s side
for so long, yet he has never suspected her.”

Nolan frowned slightly and said, “This is because she’s Mr. Summers’ only granddaughter. Even if she
did something wrong, Grandpa would forgive her because of the Summers.”

Suddenly, Maisie thought of something and turned her head around. She looked at him and chuckled.
“By the way, you guys have known each other since you’re kids, right? I always heard that childhood
friends get along very well with each other, so why don’t

you like her?”

After all, people in a favorable position would get what they wanted first. If Rowena had put more effort
and Nolan liked her, Maisie was certain that she wouldn’t have stood a chance

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