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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 394

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Chapter 394

Hadn’t she deliberately been stalling so that Titus would run into her and Hernandez?

Nolan seemed to be mulling over what she had just said. Resting her chin on her hand, Maisie
continued. “If it really is her man, then she could’ve asked them to get rid of me. Could it be that she’s
just keeping an eye on me?”

Nolan stood up and turned his eyes around. “It seems like she has taken advantage of the people
around her.”

*People around her? But nobody else knows that I went to SS Restaurant other than you and…”

Someone popped in her head, and she gasped.

Nolan sneered, “I guess it’s time to teach her that not everyone in this world is good.”

The next day..

Nolan summoned Cherie to the administrative office. Scratching her head, she walked into Nolan’s
office. After taking a look at Quincy, she asked, “Are you looking for me, Mr. Goldmann?” 1

The day I asked you to go to pick Zee up at SS Restaurant, did you tell anyone else about it?” Nolan
asked without raising his head a she flipped through the documents in his hand.

‘I told Rowena about it,” Cherie answered without any hesitation. “She was with me that moming when
you called me, so I told her about it.”

Quincy rubbed his forehead and hissed through gnitted teeth. “Are you an idjot, Cherie? Did you tell
Rowena everything? You wouldn’t have told her the whereabouts of the man we caught too, would


He couldn’t believe that his sister would be so naive. She had been taken advantage of by other
people, and she had yet to realize it!

Cherie was confused “What happened? Why couldn’t I tell Rowena about it? She seemed rather
concerned about the matter to me.”

Quincy shook his head helplessly after he heard what Cherie had said. It seemed that she was the one
who had told Rowena about i

Nolan threw the documents on the table. His eyes were cold as he growled, “You really are the most
idiotic person I’ve ever seen! Don’t you know that Rowena is the mastermind behind all this?”

After that, she said incredulously, “Are you sure about it, Mr. Goldmann? Rowena is so kind and gentle.
How could she be the mastermind?

Quincy sighed. He walked to her side and said, “Cherie, all the evidence we collected is pointing
toward Rowena. Do you know that the man we captured was killed last night after you told’Rowena?”

Cherie’s expression changed.

So was it her mistake? She was the one who had told Rowena everything!

“Mr. Goldmann, brother, I… I’m sorry. I promise I won’t simply tell other people anything anymore. I…”
Cherie was so guilt-ridden that she was on the verge of crying. After all, she had made a big mistake.

Cherie trusted Rowena a lot, so she had told Rowena about the man. She did not expect that she
would be the main culprit at all!

Nolan looked at her and asked, “What have you told her?”

“I told her that we caught that person in the hospital. Rowena asked me where he was taken to. I
thought she had nothing to do with it, so I told her that he’s at the Summer Pavilion,” Cherie replied

She really wanted to slap herself in the face.

Quincy heaved out a sigh of relief inwardly. He felt relieved that he had not told his sister everything. If
not, Rowena would have learned of Mr. Winters’s location and the “show” he and Nolan had put up that

After getting rid of Stone, Quincy was certain that Rowena would go to complain to Titus.

Just when Quincy was about to say something, Nolan said, “Now you know the gravity of the

Cherie nodded.

The corner of Nolan’s lips turned up a little as he said coldly, “Now that you know, I have a task for you.
Take it as an opportunity to make up for your mistakes.”

Cherie’s eyes lit up, and she replied excitedly, “Don’t worry, Mr. Goldmann. I won’t let you down!” At the
Goldmann mansion…

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