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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 405

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Chapter 405

Chere was astonished. “Oh, but does Mr. Goldmann know about this?”

Maisie dragged the suitcase to the front of the car. “He doesn’t know, that’s why I plan to give him a

At 11:50p.m., the flight to Zena took off on time. The flight would take about ten hours, and it was
expected to arrive at 10:00 am the next day When Maisie woke up during the long flight, the sky
outside the window was already fully lit, and a thick layer of white cumulus clouds could be seen below
the flight.

At 10:00 am sharp, the plane had already lowered its altitude and flew over the cities of Stoslo. Looking
down, the high-rise buildings that could be seen everywhere looked like Lego models.

Those urban streets that were intertwined looked like the veins of the cities.

The plane landed on the runway of Zena Airport 30 minutes later.

“I’ve been on a plane all night, and my back and legs hurt.” Cherie dragged her luggage and followed
Maisie around. It was the first time she had been on a plane for such a long time.

Maisie placed her hand on Cherie’s shoulder. “You’ll b

e fine. You’ll get used to it.”

Maisie then stopped a taxi when the two of them exited the airport.

The driver slid the window down, and Maisie said fluently, “Please get us to the Rosette Hotel, thank

Maisie could be considered to be quite familiar with Zena. She had reserved a room at the Rosette
Hotel online, and the two of them only needed to show the front desk their IDs in order to check
themselves into the hotel.

Cherie threw her luggage aside, dashed straight to her big bed, sprung herself onto the bed, and her
body bounced on the bed for a bit. “This is so comfy. I can finally sleep in a bed!”

She looked up and found that the wordings on the bed cabinet had an English translation. “Eh? Foreign
hotels actually have their own translators?

Maisie put their luggage in place and changed into a pair of slippers. “The Rosette Hotel’s owner is a
foreigner, and most of the guests that this hotel attracts are international guests.”

Rosette was a 6-star high-end hotel in Zena, and its price was also quite different from that of the other
local hotels. Wealthy businessmen from all over the world would reserve rooms at this hotel when they
were here on business trips.

Cherie understood and did not ask anymore. The two rested until the late afternoon before they
reserved a

place to eat in a Japanese restaurant.

Maisie was wearing a beige casual business suit and a white blouse inside, and her long hair was tied
into two ponytails, hanging loosely by her side.

A pair of black mid-tube flat-toe boots were under her slender and straight long legs. Her pure and
glamorous look, coupled with her stunning and

Cherie followed her closely and cleared her throat softly, “Maisie, Mr. Goldmann is not here. So please
don’t do anything wild, or my salary will be deducted big time.”

‘Mr Goldmann would definitely break my neck if Maisie were to get it on some random man abroad and
turn Mr. Goldmann into a cuckold.

Maisie chuckled “How do you know that Nolan isn’t here?”

Cherie was taken aback. “What do you mean?”

Maisie walked to their dining table, sat down, and lifted her gaze. The smile on her face looked like a
cold crescent moon that appeared in December. “What makes you think that he’s not enjoying his time
with another woman at this moment?”

A chill traveled down Chere’s spine

Did Maisie come all the way here to catch Mr. Goldmann in the act!?’


Heaning someone calling her, Maisie turned around and saw a middle-aged man who looked surprised
and excited,

“Oh my God, is it really you?

Maisie stood up with a smile on her face and hugged the man “Mr. Knowles, what a coincidence I didn’t
expect to meet you here. Where are your wife and your daughter, Ophelia?”

Harry responded with a grin. “My wife and Ophelia went to an art exhibition. I’m here to meet Mr. Jones
today and ran into you here too. How are you doing? I heard that you left Luxella.”

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