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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 411

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Chapter 411

answered each of their questions patiently and fluently.

Jones was watching from the sidelines. The man with curly hair beside him put his arm on his shoulder
and asked with his eyebrows raised, “Jones, do you like her?”

“Me?” Jones glanced at him and grinned. “Yeah, but unfortunately, she’s married.”

“She’s married? Well that means no more chances.” The man with curly hair shrugged.

Jones took the golf club and hit the ball off the lawn, but it seemed to miss the mark.

The blue-haired fellow at the side chuckled. “Ms. Zora seems to be pretty good at this.”

He was looking at Maisie, and Jones followed his line of sight. Not far away, Maisie put both hands on
the club and hit the ball into the hole with great precision.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Jones commended as a hint of appreciation crossed his eyes. There were very few
women around him who could play golf, as most of the socialites were not into an outdoor sport like this

Maisie was so focused that she didn’t even notice when Jones was standing beside her. When he saw
the drops of sweat on Maisie’s forehead, he took his handkerchief and tried to help her wipe the sweat
off her forehead. Cherie suddenly came up to him and grabbed his hand. “What are you doing?” Maisie
was stunned. She turned around and looked at him incredulously. Jones was dumbfounded by his
sudden action as well. Embarrassed, he withdrew his hand and said, “I’m sorry for making your friend
misunderstand. I didn’t mean anything. If it were other female friends of mine, I would probably do the
same.” Cherie fixed a sharp gaze on him. She knew that this fellow was up to no good!

Maisie smiled and replied, “That’s very kind of you, Mr. Jones.”

So he will do this to all his female friends? Well, that’s good, but isn’t that a little bit inappropriate?’

“Shouldn’t we be kind to our female friends?” Jones replied with a smile.

Suddenly, Maisie felt an intense gaze on her. She turned her head around and realized that Nolan and
his gang were walking toward her. Quincy had already noticed Nolan’s displeasure. He looked toward
Maisie, who was standing very close to Jones, and felt that Maisie was really bold.

Maisie placed the club on the ground and met Nolan’s gaze straight. After all, only those who had done
something wrong wouldn’t dare to look others in the face. However, she hadn’t done anything wrong.

“What brings you here today, Mr. Goldmann?” Maisie asked.

Quincy was stunned, and he turned around to look at the man beside him. As he expected, Nolan’s
face was dark. Even Quincy could sense it, so how could the rest of them not?

Jones looked in the direction of Nolan’s gaze, and he knew that he was looking at Ms. Zora.

Besides, judging from the displeasure and possessiveness in his eyes, he knew that they were more
than acquainted with each other.

Nolan did not answer her question. In the next second, he took a step forward, grabbed her wrist, and
pulled her into his embrace. Without waiting for Maisie to make any response, he planted a kiss on her

Maisie was stunned, and her clear eyes constricted a little. She did not expect him to do this at all. The
people around were equally surprised as well.

He reluctantly left her lips only when Maisie tried to push him away. Her face was flushed, and she
looked charming.

It took Nolan a great amount of effort to suppress the desire that surged in the depth of his eyes. He
secured her tightly in his arms, clapped his hand on the back of her waist, and asked, “Did you have a
good time, sweetheart?”

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