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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 413

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Chapter 413

Maisie, who was sleeping with her back facing Nolan, opened her eyes slowly.

She had been pretending to be asleep even after Nolan had put on his clothes and gone out.

She got up from the bed slowly and wondered what in the world Nolan was so nervous about. He even
went out of his way to keep it a secret from her.

Maisie was confident that it must be a very important matter, so important that he had rushed all the
way to Stoslo without telling her the reason why.

Suddenly, Maisie thought of something, and a chill rushed down her spine.

“Is it because of his mother?’

After all, Nolan’s mother had been abducted and murdered in Stoslo. Was that the reason he had come

In the meantime, in the room of another hotel…

A man was standing at the floor-to-ceiling window, overlooking the city. He was holding a glass of wine
in his hand as he swirled it slowly. He was wearing a slightly opened bathrobe, revealing his firm abs,
and further down was a forbidden area that must not be glimpsed.

Rowena, who came out of the bathroom after taking

her shower, tightened the bathrobe around her body. She gnashed her teeth before asking, “Mr. Kent,
can you fulfill your promise to me now?”

She had made Nolan come to Stoslo, so she had to cherish this opportunity.

Slowly. Daniel turned around. He glanced at her with a cold smirk dancing around the corner of his lips.
“Of course.”

He put the glass of wine on the table and tapped the side of the glass with his finger. “However, there’s
one more thing you haven’t told


Rowena trembled at the oppressing aura the man exuded, and her face turned pale. “Mr. Kent, I… I
already told you everything I know!”

Daniel flung a photo on the table and asked, “Who is this woman?”

When Rowena saw the woman in the photo, she exclaimed, “Maisie? Why is she doing…”

‘She’s in Stoslo as well?’

“So you know her,” Daniel said, squinting his eyes.

Rowena gnashed her teeth and said, “Of course, I know her. She’s the person I want to kill the most!”

Daniel approached her and cupped his hand on her chin. He looked just like a pit viper, sinister, vicious,
and frightening. “Is she your enemy?”

Rowena gasped and replied, “Yes, it’s all because of her that I was kicked out of the Goldmanns. She’s
Nolan’s wife and Hernandez’s granddaughter!”

this might get a bit tricky.”

The de Arma family was a force to be reckoned with. Sensing Daniel’s hesitation, Rowena said, “Mr.
Kent, leave that woman to me. Hernandez is in Zlokova now, so even if anything happens to Maisie, we

can shift the blame to the Goldmanns. Killing two birds with one stone, isn’t it great?”

Daniel looked at the woman in front of him, whose face was distorted with rage and resentment. He
clamped his hand on her tiny neck. He looked as if he was able to snap her neck easily. He pulled her
closer to him and grinned devilishly. “I like the expression on your face. People always say that one
should never mess with a vicious woman. I guess they’re right.” Rowena was trembling, and her blood
turned cold. She had no other choice but to go along with him and smiled. “Mr. Kent, it’s my pleasure
that I can be of use to you.”

She had gone too far down the road to go back. Only Daniel could help her right now. If she could use
him to kill that b*tch Maisie, she could make Nolan regret and suffer!

Daniel tightened his grip as if he had seen through her mind. “You’re an evil woman with an evil heart.
Do you really think I don’t know what you’re trying to do?

You want me to become your scapegoat, don’t you?”

Rowena couldn’t catch her breath for a moment. Her heart skipped a beat while her lips and teeth were
trembling. “No… I’m not…”

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