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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 420

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Chapter 420

Maisie frowned, wondering how Daniel knew she was related to Nolan as the latter had never disclosed
her identity in Stoslo! ‘Could it be Rowena!? ‘No wonder, no wonder Rowena would capture me.’

Nolan’s chin was propped against the top of her head. His heart ached due to the fact that he did not
even have the guts to tell her that

He had clearly been aware that someone would make a move on Maisie, so the beading on the dress
that he gave her had a micro-tracker embedded in it to prevent her from running into a trap. He did not
expect that those people would succeed so quickly and that Rowena was working with them.

“Daniel Kent.” Nolan’s eyes dimmed instantly as he asked the people out there. “Do you really think I
would come out here without any backup plan?”

Daniel was slightly flustered, and a hint of ruthlessness flashed across his dark pupils.

Nolan glanced up at the abandoned buildings around them and snorted. “Why not take a look at the
buildings around you?”

Daniel raised his head-it was actually their snipers.

He cursed deep down.

The men in black behind him were still holding guns, but they did not dare to act rashly.

After a while, several jeeps rushed to the scene. And the man who got out of the car in a windbreaker
adjusted the steel glasses with his fingertips. “Mr. Kent, it seems that you’ve miscalculated this time
around.” “Erwin Lincoln?” Daniel’s expression looked obviously surprised. “Why are you people from
the Metropolis here?”

Erwin smiled. “Don’t worry about why we’re here. In short, if you don’t want to lose anything, you kents
had better stop.”

Daniel groaned and got his men to put away their guns.

Rowena, who was covering her wound, was also astonished to see that Daniel would actually show the
people of the Metropolis respect. She had no idea that the Goldmanns would have connections with
the mysterious organization from Morwich.

The Metropolis of Morwich was very different from the Night Banquet. They had the royal family’s
support, had an extraordinary position in the Morwich’s government, and even had royal rights.

Nolan and Maisie walked out slowly. Maisie was quite surprised when she saw Erwin. “Uncle Erwin?”

Erwin nodded.

Rowena was stunned.

‘It turns out that Maisie is the one who’s related to them! D*mn it, how is this possible!?’

She did not even dare to look into Daniel’s eyes at the moment because she already felt that he was
glaring at her with murderous intent.

But she really did not know that Maisie had something to do with the people of the Metropolis. She had
only told Daniel that Maisie had something to do with the de Armas.

‘The de Armas and the Kents are both nobles, but the d e Armas are obviously not as valued by the
current royal family when compared to the Kents.

‘So even if Maisie was harmed, we could tell Hernandez that it was the Goldmanns who hurt Maisie. All
the leftists want to see the feud between the de Armas and the Goldmanns deepen with this drive. But

who would’ve known that she has something to do with the Metropolis!

‘This isn’t how things should turn out!’

Maisie walked up to Erwin, took a glance at them, and finally understood why Daniel had wished her
good luck.

‘It turns out that he’s the mastermind behind all this!

Daniel glanced at Maisie, snorted coldly, led his men into the car, and left.

Rowena knew that she would suffer from something worse than death if she were to go back with
Daniel, so she looked at Nolan eagerly, hoping that Nolan could take her back.

However, Nolan did not even look at her.

At the hospital…

After Maisie underwent the examination, she sat on the bed in Nolan’s coat and heard the doctor
talking to the people outside. “Don’t worry, this young lady has no other injuries other than the sedative
injection that she got and experiencing something rather traumatic.

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