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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 430

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Chapter 430

A sharp gunshot rang, and the bullet landed on Nolan’s back.

Maisie was stunned, and then her pupils constricted.

Under the lamp. the hard lines on his face softened. The light in his eyes was slowly leaving his irises
as he gazed deeply into her eyes. He lifted his hand to stroke her face, and there was a gentle smile
tugging at the tip of his lips. “Zee. Don’t worry, I…”

He lowered his head, wanting to plant a kiss on her lips. However, he slowly fell down like a marionette
with its string cut when he nearly touched her lips.

Maisie hurriedly grabbed his body. She realized in surprise that he was shot in the back, and hot tears
began to roll from her eyes. Hugging him, she cried, “No, no! Nolan, don’t sleep! I don’t allow you to
leave me!”

By the time Quincy and Cherie arrived with the police, they were stunned when they saw Maisie was
crying with Nolan in her arms.

“Mr. Goldmann…”

The ambulance scorched down the road at top speed. Maisie sat at the side and cupped Nolan’s hands
in hers, trying her very best to warm up his cold hand. When she saw that the nurses and doctor were
trying to stop his bleeding, her whole body was shaking.

Nolan was rushed into the operation room when they arrived at the hospital, but the doctor did not
allow Maisie, Quincy, and the others to enter.

Maisie watched as Nolan was pushed into the operation room. At the moment the door was closed, she
paced back with faltering steps, leaned against the wall and slowly squatted down.

“Mrs-‘ Cherie wanted to comfort her, but Quincy stopped her.

After all, he knew comforting was useless at a time like this.

Erwin rushed to the hospital when he received the news. After he talked with Quincy, he looked at
Maisie, who was shrouded in a chrysalis of sadness.

He walked toward Maisie, his face wearing a heartache expression. He squatted in front of her and
said, “Zee, you need to believe in Mr. Goldmann. He’s a good person, so he definitely will be fine.”

Maisie curled up and hugged her legs. “It’s all my fault. He took the bullet for me. I should be the one
lying inside there…” Erwin nodded and said calmly, “I know he saved you, but now is not the time to
give up yet, is it? You need to pull yourself together.” Maisie was stunned, but she did not say anything.
Erwin tousled her hair and said, “The floor is cold. Come, get up.”

Erwin helped her to her feet, and both of them then walked to the bench. After she took her seat, Erwin
took off his jacket and draped it over her shoulder. “Mr. Goldmann will be very upset when he comes
out safely and sees you like this.”

Wrapped in the jacket given by Erwin, Maisie lifted her head to look at him and squeezed a smile on
her face. The doctor only came out of the operation room. Draping in Erwin’s jacket, Maisie stood up
and approached the doctor. She grabbed his arm and asked, “How is my husband doing?”

There was a mixed expression on the doctor’s face. He said, “I’m sorry. We can’t give you an answer
yet, as the patient’s condition is a little bit complicated.”

Seeing that Maisie’s countenance began to change, the doctor added, “But don’t worry, ma’am. We
assure you that he’ll be alright.”

Maisie only let the doctor’s arm go after she heard what he said. “Are you sure? Can you guarantee
that he’ll be alright?”

“Yes, ma’am. Please have faith in us.”

As the doctor had said, Nolan was out of danger.

However, he still needed to be hospitalized in the ICU for some time, and family members were
forbidden from staying with him all the time.

That being said, Maisie was still worried about him.

She visited him every single day, but she could only stay with him for a limited period.

Nolan did not wake up. He was lying in bed and relying on a ventilator for oxygen. She would check the
electrocardiogram every day, and she only felt relieved when she saw that his heart was still beating.
After all, this meant that he was still alive.

After she came out of the ICU, she took off the face mask and saw Erwin was talking to the doctor.

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