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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 434

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Chapter 434

Rowena trembled slightly as her eyes shifted away to dodge Maisie’s gaze. “I don’t know what you’re
talking about.”

“Do you really not know, or are you pretending not to know?” Maisie approached her. “Or should I go to
your new employer, Mr. Kent, for the answer?”

“Maisie, what do you mean by that?” Rowena asked with a hint of resentment flashing across her eyes.

Maisie shrugged disapprovingly. “What you heard is what I mean. Titus valued you so much in the past,
but you still betrayed the Goldmanns and chose to side with Daniel Kent in the end. Would Daniel value
you more just because of that?”

Rowena clenched her hands into fists and scoffed.” Why ask? Are you trying to win me over? It’s a pity,
I won’t have a future even if I get back to Goldmanns now, so I might as well stay by Mr. Kent’s side.”

Rowena’s lips curled upward coldly upon seeing that Maisie did not say anything. “So what if you know
the truth about Mrs. Goldmann Sr.’s incident from 15 years ago? Do you think the Elder Master
Goldmann would believe that the de Armas are innocent because of this

“Maisie Vanderbilt, don’t be so naive. What do you think you can do for the Goldmanns now? After al

person that you should worry about now is Nolan. The Goldmanns can no longer protect themselves
now, haha!”

Her smug smile hurt Maisie’s eyes, especially when she mentioned Nolan. ‘Nolan was shot and
hospitalized because of me, and those people from that night have something to do with Daniel. I won’t
show the man who hurt my husband any mercy, no matter who they are!’ Maisie clenched her hands

tightly. “Rowena Summers, I originally planned to give you a chance to die gracefully, but it seems that
you don’t know how to cherish it.”

“You plan to give me a chance?” Rowena laughed frantically. “Maisie Vanderbilt, what makes you think
you have the right to give me a chance? Isn’t it you who’s pushed me to this point?”

Maisie looked at her and said nothing.

Rowena stepped forward and grabbed Maisie by the hem of her collar-her beautiful facial features were
crammed together hysterically. “Nolan shouldn’t have fallen in love with you, it was you who brought
harm to him, and you, Maisie Vanderbilt, is the culprit who killed him!”

The two bodyguards stepped forward, pulled Rowena away, and subdued her with both hands from

Rowena had hatred and unwillingness intertwining in her eyes and mocked Maisie. “Don’t you love

Don’t worry, you will die and be with him soon!”

Maisie said softly, “Before that, do take good care of yourself.”

Maisie waved, and the two bodyguards released Rowena.

Seeing that she did not do anything to her, Rowena scoffed. “Maisie Vanderbilt, there are actually times
where you’ll feel scared? Why don’t you do anything to me? Don’t you want revenge since you brought
me here? Come on! You can get them to kill me right now if you have the guts!”

“I won’t lay a finger on you. After all, someone else will do it for me. I hope that you won’t regret it.”

Rowena knew that Maisie’s words were implying something, but she did not know what she meant.

Unfortunately, she was not in the position to care about this much anymore and left the private room
with pride.

Maisie watched her leave with her arms crossed in front of her. She then came out of the private room
with the men and said to the person beside her,” Download the surveillance footage and forward it.”

After walking out of the clubhouse door, Maisie immediately received a message from Erwin.

[Nolan has woken up!)

She had someone drive quickly to the hospital.

At Garland Manor…

Rowena got slapped all of a sudden, which knocked her to the floor.

It was not until Daniel threw a tablet in front of her, displaying the surveillance footage of her coming
out of the LG Entertainment Club, and Maisie came out later

Rowena’s pupils constricted immediately.

“I got it now! That b*tch has been plotting against me!’ “Mr. Kent, please listen to my explanation-Aaah!”

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