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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 436

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Chapter 436

Nolan lowered his gaze, kissed her head, was going to say something but suddenly started violently

Maisie got up, her heart in knots. “Nolan, are you alright?”

Nolan raised his hand to stifle the cough and moved his face away. He noticed some sticky substance
in his palm and was surprised, but since Maisie didn’t notice anything, he curled his hand into a fist and
smiled at her. “I’m alright. I just choked on saliva.”

Maisie pursed her lips. “Are you hungry then? Do you want some food?”

Nolan’s eyes were soft. “I’m hungry now that you mentioned it. I want to eat something that you made.”

Maisie stood up, “Alright, I’ll go make something, hang tight.”

She walked to the door, saw Erwin, and said, “Uncle Erwin, could you help me look after Noles for a

Erwin nodded.

After Maisie left, Erwin walked into the room and saw Nolan looking at his open palm.

“Did you cough blood?” Erwin knew.

Nolan paused and closed his hand. “Yes.” He thought o

f something and looked at him. “How did you know?”

Erwin answered, “Because you’re in bad shape.”

Nolan held his bloodied palm tight and calmly said, “Do you know what’s wrong with me?”

Erwin lowered his gaze, and after a long time, he said, ” You’ve been infected by the sleeper virus.”

The air in the room became cold.

Nolan’s lips were tense, and after a while, he said,” Does Zee know?”

“She doesn’t. Other than Dr. Ryan and me, no one else knows,” Erwin replied.

Nolan looked out the window at the sunset. He knew about the sleeper virus. There was no cure to it,
so death was imminent. Only one person had the cure, but he had disappeared for a few decades. The
sleeper virus could spread to partners, which meant he could infect Maisie. Even with protection, the
chances of infection were still 0.9%.

Erwin knew what he was thinking about, and his lips moved. “You don’t plan on telling her?”

“No, with her stubbornness, she would…” Nolan knew Maisie well. Even if she knew that she was
infected, she wouldn’t leave him. The woman wasn’t afraid of anything and wouldn’t care even when
faced with danger.”

That was why he started to worry.

Erwin handed him some napkins. “Wipe it off.”

Nolan took the napkins and wiped the blood off his palm, then asked, “How was I infected?”

“Probably when you were hit.”

“You mean that the bullet carried the virus?” Nolan’s eyes dimmed.

Erwin nodded. “The sleeper virus still exists, and people are studying it. Now that it’s used on you, I’m
afraid that not long after this, what happened 30 years ago will repeat.”

Seeing that Nolan was silent, Erwin continued. “The virus you have is a newly mutated version, so
there’s no incubation period, which means you are already showing symptoms.”

The sleeper virus from 30 years ago had an incubation period of a year, When infected, the immune
system would be affected, and those who were constantly sick would stop falling sick for a year, not
even the common flu. Even the cancer cells would slow down in cancer patients, reducing the pain.

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