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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 439

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Chapter 439

Maisie’s hand that was holding the teacup stopped in mid-air, and she looked down. “No, it was with my
business partner.”

Maisie hadn’t seen Nolan since he left the hospital, and not even Cherie knew what he was up to.

She took a sip of the tea but suddenly felt sick and ran to the washroom while covering her mouth.

“Ms. Zora?”

Even though she knew that Jones was calling for her, she couldn’t reply. She ran into the washroom
and threw up in the sink. Everything she ate during lunch came back out.

She turned on the tap to wash away the vomit, but she threw up again. It repeated until there was
nothing left to throw up, then she washed her face and dried it with a hand towel.

She realized that Jones was waiting for her when she got out of the washroom. Seeing that she was
looking sick, he asked, “Are you not feeling well?”

“I’m fine. It was probably something I ate.” Maisie waved her hand.

“Do you need me to send you to a hospital?” Jones asked.

Maisie shook her head and squeezed a smile. “There’s

really no need, thank you. I prefer to take a rest.”

“Alright.” Jones didn’t press on.

When Maisie got back to her room, she drank some warm water, but once the water went down, she
started feeling sick again and went to the washroom for another round.

She looked at her pale face in the mirror, her stomach burning. It really seemed to be something she
had eaten, but she hadn’t eaten anything unusual.

When she heard the doorbell, she slowly walked to open the door. She was stunned when she saw that
it was Nolan.

Nolan walked in, closed the door, and asked, “You’re not feeling well?”

Maisie beamed. ‘Did Jones bump into him and tell him?’

She put out her arms around his neck and smiled. “Yes, I feel horrible. Will you stay with me?”

Nolan helplessly carried her to the bed and laid her down. “What’s wrong?”

His voice was soft, unlike how it usually was, and his breath brushed her cheeks like a breeze.

Maisie’s hands were still on his shoulder. “It’s my stomach.” Right when she said that, her stomach

He lightly rubbed it and asked in a low voice, “Is it a

gastric issue?”

Maisie didn’t answer. It wasn’t gastric, and her stomach wasn’t hurting, but she just felt like throwing up.
She just wanted him to spend time with her.

“I’ll go get some medication for you.” He wanted to get up, but Maisie hugged his arm. “No, just stay
here with

Nolan noticed her anxiety, lowered his gaze, and patted her head, “Alright, I’ll stay.” “Are you feeling
better?” Maisie asked.

Nolan nodded. “Yes, don’t worry.”

Maisie looked at him for a while. Nolan pushed the few strands of hair that were covering her face
away, and his lips parted. “What’s wrong?”

Maisie pressed her lips together and looked away, “Nothing. Nolan, you’re hiding something from me,
and I won’t ask what it is, but don ‘t… Don’t be hot and cold with me.”

She had noticed his changes. Even though she didn’t know the reason that he was hot and cold toward
her, she was anxious.

If it weren’t because something happened, why would he…

Nolan hugged her in his arms and put his chin on the top of her head. He said in a low voice, “I just
need to get a few things settled, Zee. There’s nothing more to it.”

Nolan didn’t want to let go once she was in his arms. She was fully relying on him, which was
something he had always looked forward to, but he couldn’t get her involved…

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